Opinion: Kogi State…The Son Has Gone Astray

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This morning I got one of the funniest messages in my inbox. The message goes thus:
“How can you claim to love the father and hate the son, You are a strong advocate of President Buhari, then why do you hate one of his loyal political sons, Yahaya Bello our dear governor?”
My take:
The simple answer is that the son has gone astray…
I See such as a irrational and non-commonsense thinking comparing President Buhari’s political ideology and thought with that of the so called clueless Yahaya Bello.
President Buhari is a man of integrity, honesty, dedication, Allah fearing, pro-masses and infrastructural development. That is why people like me will advocate and support Buhari to be made a life President.
This is in sharp contrast with the man called Yahaya Bello, who is corrupt-full, deceitful, lack the fear of God, anti-masses and infrastructural development. A man who:
– Refuse to pay workers salaries for over 20 months
– has not commissioned any project since the inception of this administration,
– registered for INEC voter card twice (double registration). What a criminal offense!
– Been stoned by the people everywhere he goes, instead of being loved.
– Never contested or won any competitive or general election – a product of corrupt judicial manipulation.
– engage in arresting of opposition, beating of state house of assembly members and journalist.
– Can’t account for over 100 billion naira funds accruing to the state from Paris club refund, bailout funds and federal allocations.
– collapsing the vital sectors of the state like education, health and rural development.
– Result to payment of half salaries to those workers that are privileged to be paid.
– leading the state into humanitarian crises, in fact hunger and poverty has become the order of the day.
You can see that the political ideology of President Buhari differs from that of the unfortunate pharaoh called Bello. So, my criticism of the administration of Yahaya Bello is justified because he created a fertile ground for people like us to criticize his administration. Those fertile grounds are those of non-performance, visionlessness and missionlessness.
Me supporting Yahaya Bello will amount to the highest form of acidic sycophancy based on personal interest not for the common good of Kogi state or what is actually on ground. Kogi state is bleeding from all administrative and economic angle. Any body that support such an administration should put it at the back of his mind that he has committed a crime against man and nature.
The son has gone astray and that why I said and repeat that if it remains one one vote for Yahaya Bello to be re-elected and it happens to be my vote, for the sake of Kogi state Yahaya Bello will fail.
The son has gone astray. That why we say Lugard House must be disinfected by our PVCs come 2019.
President Buhari still remain my political mentor but Yahaya Bello is a political aberration
– Sam Enemama Akubor

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