Opinion: Kogi East Deserves a Better Representative in 2019

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 Kogi East need someone who will attract meaningful projects that will impact positively on the generality of our constituents, not just an individual.
Kogi East need quality representation with vibrancy and doggedness.
Kogi East need a leader that can see the possibilities from impossibilities, considering the state of environmental degradation and moral decadents in our senatorial district.
I hereby implore us all to go for a rescue mission with vision on Dekina/Bassa federal constituency and Kogi East senatorial district by supporting intelligent, vibrant, articulate, peaceful, rooted, credible charismatic performer that will represent and ready to protect the interest of the entire senatorial district in a better developmental way.
Being tested may be a criteria but please note it doesn’t 100% matter that such a person must have been a lawmaker but should have been a good “manager of the people”. On the managerial aspect, Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji (DVAA) has been tested and trusted.
A reputable person seen to have listening ears and the ability to negotiate and agitate for people’s needs/wants to ensure it is actualised. All option considered, DVAA is the rightful candidate we can send to the upper chamber to deliver our messages for us.
Let’s stay focused and not be deceived or cajoled by some sort of jamborees going around by a clique of e-rat of this fail government.
Some people have represented us at the elms of affairs here and may have been seen to have underperformed,  please let’s ignore such calls to use them as our representatives because they have failure as their antecedent. Kogi East senatorial district should move forward en mass to support a purposeful representative.
This is a challenge to us all.
We desire quality representation and Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji is the man for the job.
Comrade Muhammad Bashir Muhammad

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