Opinion: In Contrast to Temperament Principles

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The inherent patterns, modus operandi through which interrelationships between and among people thrive can’t be tailored in a one way traffic, resting on the differences in the nature of upbringing, trainings and psycho make ups. 

The concept of change stands the test of time irrespective of obtainable trending variables in existence. No man conspicuously dine with a single meal class for days and not get pulled out of like for it. It’s logically questionable to place habits, attitudes and characters on people under a theory or concept. 

Man’s response pattern to the questions life brings on his lane to attaining success can’t be theorised to be static and undynamic, this is upon the fact that social, environmental and other sources of influences distort such stances. It is sardonically pitiable to believe and walk with fictional concepts that are still finding dwelling places in human existence. 

Be it sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric or melancholic, actions from all are based on the situation to which they’ve been subjected to per time. A sanguine likened individual can be highly calculative and tactical when he wants to budget for a house building project. 

If he or she is phlegmatic then no need to get engaged in nuptials with opposite gender because he’s of no emotion, always solidly calm towards life. No, a lot of phlegmatics have married and are still marrying, how do they relate with their spouses before and after marriage? A question begging for answer. 

Cholerics are said to be imaginative, adventurous,  and they seek someone who share same traits without competing with them. Many of the this set of persons have been humbled in organization, institutions for which they work for. Public and civil service rules have curtailed thousands of fellows who commune in this so called class of temperament. The conditions surrounding their sources of income brought the change. 

A melancholic personalities are said to be thoughtful and reserved. When he’s is subjected to a compulsory public appearance, capable of launching him into good wealth, would he reject it? No, then you’d realise temperaments are subject to changes, it’s not as presented in concepts and explanations by authors.

I’ve seen reserved persons in noisy status quo, cheering up life strangely with smiles, all they need is someone who understands their buttons of liveliness. You can see why it’s wrong to place them in a category of temperaments .

Man is totally vulnerable to walking in variations posed by his immediate and outside environments. It’s unethical, accepting the divisions of temperaments despite adjusted realities going on in the society.

I stand tall in contrast to these conjectures capable of breeding next generation’s half baked philosophers, new cliques of up to date psychology teachers are needed, it’s not the world of 16th, 17th, 18th, and 20th centuries any longer, it’s a changed society. 

The abilities of a car purchased in 1960 can’t be compared to that of 2020 model, this is upon the fact that daily improvements in technology have brought new ideas on making life more adventurous to humans. It is an error to advertise an expired product through the best of all channels.

– Chigboja Gideon writes from Kogi State.

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