Opinion: If Only Gov. Bello Knows That Immunity Doesn’t Cover Mishaps

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Like every other good citizens of Kogi State, permit me to first register my sympathy and wish my governor a quickest recovery from the accident that hurt his left leg. Let me also not forget to sympathize with his driver for losing his job if he’s the brain behind that expensive joke. For the first time, let me hope my sympathy and wishes will be accepted. Because, I recognized its coming a bit late. But that is very uncommon of me. My schedule was tight at that standpoint.
Like seriously, I heard that my governor hits one of his legs while falling off from his moving vehicle on his usual charitable adventure of spraying monies. You know, like I said somewhere that my governor is very magnanimous. You must agree with me he is the best when we talk of spraying monies in open places like NYSC orientation camp, market and on the road. Please give him that plaudits, e no easy. No one has been able to take that from him. No ill-conceit, that shows how philanthropist my governor is. A man with a harden heart towards payment of salaries and emoluments of his workers; is at the same, a munificent heart- a heart in a wasteful generosity. I stand to be corrected, this is not to mean those that got their shares didn’t merit it. Anyway, that’s by the way.
Yes! Petra Akinti Onyegbule, the Chief Press Secretary to governor Yahaya Bello succinctly made my day on her facebook handles. Where she gave unsavory poke to the governor’s supposed pessimists. Well, that’s not my headache. But more pointedly, in madam Petra’s most profound conclusion of that piece, she said and I quote:  “immunity doesn’t cover mishap”. Immediately I read this, I concurred without any iota of prejudice to her conclusion. And I think madam’s conclusion has a good omen, I retorted.
For me, that’s a witty remarks of a Chief Press Secretary that spontaneously avoided a gibe of any droll at any personality regardless, especially when in trouble or in a pathetic condition, either happen naturally, self-inflicted and or caused by one’ detractors. So, far be it would I  excites in deriding the governor over matter that hold ridicule.
But I think there is more to madam Petra’s conclusion than imagined. Yes! Don’t you think that was a wisdom talk in an unknown guises?  Or don’t you think one would say Petra misplaced the priority of that conclusion, if it was meant to cajoled governor’s pessimists? But if that was meant for governor’s ego boosting, then, it was a misfitted wisdom talks credited to the governor by his handler. I quipped again and again that even if it was given that madam Petra misplaced the usefulness of that conclusion, could it be that my governor wouldn’t have known the usefulness of that statement? And if he governor Bello knows that  immunity does not cover mishap, why has he continued to winning for himself a prize of  a mini god?
I guess my governor do not know that immunity doesn’t cover mishaps because if he knows, he will also know that immunity doesn’t cover “life” in itself. And if there is no immunity regarding life, then he needs to  know he’s living a life of vanity; full of total insecurity even as a chief security of the state. For instance, if any one has the monopoly to turn the hand of death back, we would have told Gen. Sani Abacha to rise in his grave for Gov. Bello to ask him some question pertaining  to power, immunity and death. So he Bello will be rest assure that God Almighty is the enabler of life. No one has power over himself or herself. Some people has such a little accident not up to the one had by the governor and they gave up the ghost; But for him not to have died means He, God is the owner of life and if He didn’t kill no one can kill.
What has happened to the governor can as well happen to anybody. Yes, I agreed with madam Petra that governors are not different. But most importantly my governor needs to confine on wisdom. Governor Bello has been peddling the affairs of this state in total authoritarian extraordinaire. He’s the political Jesuit of kogi state, when sniz at his lugard house the whole kogi catches cold. An absolute might is right contender; a classic of underdeveloped mind that no one dares correct, let alone calling him to order.
Considering how Bello came as the governor, he should represent a modified version of governance in all confine of the best practices as a youngster. He would have being a motivator of that magnitude of not too young to run project; a victory to democratic valour but this is far away beneath. Now that the state is reasoning under the doldrums of his hopelessness and growing despair; occasioning  incessant killings, hunger, prostitution all over the places in the state, thuggery, and robbery etc, etc.
It would be recalled that Kogi state have received his own pan of flesh in the past few years under governor Bello. No doubt, his two years and half regime has been characterized by ceaseless conflict and constant fear of the power under might is right context. It has been an experience of reckless abandoned and excessive manifold of the toga of power that justify friction, bickering and sheer force originals. No salary, no development but there is much to fear for ones’ life under a regime.  The state is standing still in between the magic wand and ace of governor’s sheer ineptitude-ness. These and many more are the fractures and plights in Kogi under governor Bello.


It high time the governor goes down deep in exercise of prerequisite wisdom, so as to know that immunity does not even cover life irrespective of anybody, let alone  class, age and position. The earlier he lives with this insignia consciousness, the better he lives a legacy  of unstrapped. Shalom!

– Ojo Martins

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