Opinion: I Will Continue to Support the Perpetuation of Enemune in Kogi Govt by Odih Daniel

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There is no way we can analyse politics in Kogi State without mentioning the Igala people who pass themselves on as the unconquerable warriors, theomniscient custodians and the deathless devotees of the Kogi politics. If there is any form of failure in the workings of politics in Kogi State, then, we will not hesitate to look back and ask them what goes wrong. At least, they are more experienced they feel and have ruled the state for years. The Igalas have a lot of questions to answer because they laid precedence for the successive generation of politicians to copy. If the new crops of politicians succeed based on the laid down structures, then, the Igalas will be praised for laying good legacies, but if the new politicians fail, then, the foundation is faulty and then the Igalas will take the blames. They should therefore not apportion the blame to anyone. They should have developed the region and the system so loving that years after their being out of power, their good legacies will continue to speak for them. They should have something to live for and be proud to say, yes, we did it.

The crop of people that flood the social media and the political scene today from the Igala region are sincerely bereft of ideas on how they can develop the people from the region. They are only concerned about themselves, their cronies and their defeatist lamentation over power that slipped out of their hands and that they desperately want to get back. Getting that power back to the region that will not be beneficial to all and sundry is tome needless,  useless, senseless and empty of meaning. I am not a pessimist, but I do not see any passion for social development on the face of the people that want power to themselves at all costs; the people that just want to be in charge; the people that want power just for keepsake; I do not see people that lament over issues that are socially inconsequential as progressive people willing to make any formative change. Before the development can be achieved, let us first of all kill the social and the filial greed that dwells amongst us; let us be baptised and be exorcised of the spirit of tribal jingoism, sectional superiority complexes and clannish favouritism in Igalaland and among Igala people.

I am greatly pained by the aggressive campaign of calumny and divisive songs of humiliation on the lips of my fellow Igala people. Greed, I will say a zillion times, is the major problem under-developing Igala land: every man for himself, his friends and his family.

To come clean with the unalloyed truth, how many politicians of Igala origin ever developed men and women outside their family members, children of their friends and business partners? To fear the fact that any of the expired and egocentric Igala politicians holds the keys to my success in life and that I should be afraid to say what I feel because tomorrow they will come for me or will lock the door of opportunities on me, or that I should be cowed to any senseless obeisance will make me look not better than a man without balls. I will say it, and as raw as it is.

Within my living memories, I have never seen anything worthy of mention that is beneficial to me from any politician of Igala origin.(When I say Igala politicians, Audu Abubakar,  Stephen Makoji Achema, Babayade and a host of other good but late politicians are excluded with endless reverence for their time and legacies.) If your father, brother or uncle ever did anything for me and I am denying it here, you are free to present the facts publicly. How will I benefit from them when my father is not a politician or well-known? Because he is not known, his unsung status cannot therefore influence my chances of being recognized and be given a place; even the most senseless of place, at least.

My quest for power shift or for Enemuneme dates back to August 19th, 2014, long before Governor Bello even came on the scene. My support for “enemune” was not therefore purchased at a price. The article published by KogiReporters of my prediction in 2014 for a better Kogi State can be accessed here https://kogireports.com/power-shift-the-solution-to-under-development-in-kogi-state-by-odih-daniel-n/

If the new government is to you a scarecrow, it is so because you carry a dangerous tribal blood in you. Shed it. I am impressed by the level of youth involvement in governance, especially from Igalaland under this regime today. These youths are from different communities and local governments unknown to the new government; these youths are without influential parentage who one would say catalysed their being employed. That is true democracy. The amalgamation of youths and vibrant leaders of tomorrow under the aegis of Social Media Influencers of late informs the transparency of the new system and attests to the fact that youths are being groomed for future leadership roles.

 Odih Daniel N.,

Lokoja, Kogi State.


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