Opinion: Gov. Bello’s Real Age and His Many Lies (Part 1)

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Today, in Kogi State, if Governor Yahaya Bello say good morning people will rush outside to confirm if it truly morning or evening. He has carved a notorious niche of non-truths for himself. Under the New Direction government, alternative facts is their trademark.
First it was his claim that he rejected security votes. His lying evangelist took to social media to announce that the governor, in his alleged altruist nature, will forfeit security votes for the benefit of the people. Few weeks after, official documents detailing approvals for reckless spending of security votes found its way into public domain.
The most satanic lies from this government is her wicked claims that all salaries have been paid. In a state where about 32% of civil servants have not been paid in the last 20months, this satanic lies can only attract eternal doom.
The most comical lie told by Gov Yahaya Bello was in Abuja where he denied his criminal double voters registration. Aside the fact that the picture of the double registration was gleefully published on social media by appointees of the governor, his chief of staff, Edward Onoja and lying evangelist Fanwo tried severally to defend the criminal act in the media. However, when Abuja journalists asked Gov Bello about the criminal act, he said it was his ghost that registered. Unintelligent lies!
The current blockbuster performance from our Gov Bello came on Channels TV during a recent programme with Maupe Ogun. In a very rare sincere moment, Bello unconsciously exposed his biggest lie – false declaration of age.
He said “Nigeria is 12 years older than me”. With this exposè, we now know our Governor’s true age. Nigeria is 57years old and if Bello is 12years younger then his real age is 45 and not 41 as been dubiously claimed!
– Austin Usman Okai
***Watch out for Part 2 of Executive Lies in Kogi State

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