Opinion: Fellow Kogites, They Are Making Us Lazy By Feeding Us With Lies, Pumping False Hope Into Our Minds

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The Kogi State Youth is Lazy, we could argue about this from many different vintage points, but for now let’s stick to what I think, you will write what you think, I think it is called freedom of speech or expression in the constitutions.

So I am going to repeat what I said, the Youth is Lazy, but in our defense, it’s not our fault, it’s our government. They making us lazy by feeding lies, they pump false hope into our minds, hope of a better tomorrow, hope for a brand new Kogi State, hope for the “land of opportunities”. The government always feeds us with these promises of how easy things will be tomorrow, we must just hang in there, they are busy with “strategic planning”. A quick recent hot example is “Free Education”. They tell us how they will create all these “jobs” and opportunities for the youth, and the sad part is we buy into this Bull shit. No, I think I said that wrong, WE ALWAYS BUY INTO THIS BULLSHIT.

So are we stupid or what??? I don’t believe we are stupid, no no no, no we are not, just that our government is smarter, they have silver tongues, smooth operators. I do not think politicians are trained to create jobs and run an economy, hey I don’t know. Even if the ones that went to school and studies politics are trained to create jobs and run an economy, one must remember that majority of our politicians didn’t go to school to be where they are. Even if they are educated, they have other qualifications. Some politicians are where they are because they went to exile, others are up there because they can talk, oh trust me they can talk. If you can persuade people to vote for you, then you’re a good to go, “congratulations, you’re a politician, yes, yes, here are the keys, drive the state”. So what I am saying is politicians are trained to lie to you, when they wake up in the morning and go to work, they have to engineer a scheme that will make you vote for them. So I can’t really blame them for doing their job, if you misunderstood their job description that’s your baby.

So that is why I do not blame the youth for being lazy, they are just puppets on strings, and the puppeteers are professionals.

– Alfa Tijani, a media aficionado, writes from Ajaka, Igalamela/Odolu LGA of Kogi State 

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