Opinion: Emergence of Oshiomole as APC National Chairman and The Fate of PDP

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With mixed feelings in my heart as a result of the security challenge in the country, the recent murder of innocent Nigerians in Plateau and Taraba and the many deaths in Lagos as a result of the inferno from oil tank, I write to express my views on the above subject matter.
I felt the need to write because the decision of the two major political parties, the PDP and APC will affect the lives of Nigerians in the coming days security wise, either positively or negatively. The choice of what will befall us lies solely in the hands of Nigerians who are either members of this two political parties and their sympathisers who will be thumb printing on the ballot in the next eight months.
In 2015 election where Jonathan and the PDP were Booted out of office as a result of his ( Jonathan)’s inability to deal with the Boko Haram menace and the subsequent election of Buhari who was adjudged then as the saint Nigerians needed to tackle her Security, Economic and Political problems  will now be a different ball game. This is owning to the fact that we now have notes to compare between an administration of Buhari  that rode on the back of deceptive integrity, many promises,  change agenda to power and an administration that was voted out of office for lack of WILL POWER to tackle national security matters and adjudged as the most corrupt government of all times in this country.
Three years later, Nigerians are beginning to see that the change we chanted, was CHAIN after all. Everything bad we condemn during the PDP tripled, the economy became battered, security challenge increased with reckless abandon, hunger becomes part of our lives, unemployment skyrocketed, impunity becomes the order of the day, corruption is modified and codified, infrastructure decaying and everything bad worsened.
However, all this is not a free ticket for the PDP to get back to power if they don’t get down to business and get serious.
First, you must show Nigerians that you have learnt your lessons and ready to be trusted with power again. The major problem that ousted the PDP from power is imposition, there must be a clear cut deviation from this path. People must be allowed to make their own choices from primary elections of the party to the general elections. The party must show leadership by feeling truly concerned about the plight of Nigerians under they APC and not rob it in our faces that we made a mistake by voting you out of power.  The national convention is come and gone and we have a NWC headed by a national leader who is reserved, calculative, ready to take corrections and focused on the goal.
The emergence of Comrade Adams Oshomole is tactically good for the opposition PDP if she play her cards well. We know Oshomole to be very loud mouth With an unbridled tongue that talks without break. He is tactless hence, will concentrate his energy in looking for fight with the opposition than finding solutions to the problem his party has plunged Nigerians in to. He will insult everybody and call everyone thieves except himself and the members of his political Party. He already started insulting OBJ and all the other Generals voicing out today, that’s his trade mark.
He will refuse to talk about security and finding solutions
He will refuse to talk about unemployment and finding solutions
He will refuse to talk about high prices of goods and services and finding solutions
He will refuse to talk about their failed promises
He will refuse to apologise to Nigerians for the many failures of his party to deliver on their mandate. This and many more he will do.
PDP can tow a different path by addressing our current challenges and the possible way of solving the problems if voted back to office. The party can show leadership by presenting to Nigerians as flag bearers someone who have the political will to make critical decisions in this critical time, someone who can be trusted with power
The party must address her party ideaology and make public her road map for development. There was a lot of deviation from the party’s ideal envisioned by her founding fathers leading reckless use of power.
The party must take her party members serious and give them the opportunity to contribute to matters that has to do with the party.
We have less than eight months to the general election, let us do well to gain the people’s confidence back.
– Comrade Maji Isah 
Write from Kogi State

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