Opinion: Criticism Vs Wailership

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Just like people who are broke but think they could have changed the world if they were the richest, same way with some critics.

Many critics always gaze at the inefficiencies of many systems. It could be family life, group relationship, leadership style or even style of governance.

To be critical in spotting problems isn’t hard. It wears some people this arrogance of having better intellect or being responsive to people’s feelings than others.

Lies for hell.


Anyone can spot a problem. Few more can spot technical problems.

A critic is someone who knows the alternative and can demonstrate it after spotting a problem, either systematic or technical.

Those people who seem to suave in spotting problems and running with it aren’t entire intelligent. There’s a particular part of the brain that is responsible for complex assignments, what about that of creativity?

To have information is different from working with the information. How many people chart social courses with precise prescriptions to solving them? Very few.

At best, what many do is to amass social anger of what everyone is feeling into a pot of point head lamentations.

I write only things that are positive because rather than be a critic that solves no problems, I prefer to be problem solver that looks into the future.

Regardless of how bleak a situation portends, we can only find a way of stimulating creativity through repetitive positivity.

Nobody remembers you for your lamentations. Others can take your position when you die.. albeit, people would always remember you for the problems you’ve solved. The Social connections you’ve brought.

How have you used your voice to demonstrate a pathway to solving a particular problem ?

In the end, most of us are just wailers. Lamentation wailers.

– Promise Emmanuel (Kogi Rebel)

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