Opinion: APC Will Lose Mopamuro in 2019 If This Evil Persist

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) will lose in the forth coming general election in Mopamuro if the evil of misnomer rotation as masterminded by the incumbent Local Government Administrator, Hon. Moses Sunday David and some State Government officials is allowed to persist.
In respect of the age long rotation, it is expected that Local Government administration is expected to be manned by someone from the Amuro axis of Mopamuro, while the representative at the State Assembly should be from Mopa axis.
The Administrator in a bid to unduly remain as the administrator has collided with the party Chairman of the Local Government and other State Government officials to without the approval of wards chairmen and party structure, alter the existing rotation of public offices entitled to Mopmauro between Mopa and Amuro.
I am perturbed to see the All Progressives Congress (APC) go contrary to the much respected rotation formula when other political parties has duly respected and referenced the rotation in its status quo (that is, the next House of Assembly Member should be from Mopa, while Local Government Chairman/Administrator/Caretaker should be from Amuro).
The All Progressives Congress should not get carried away because they are in power to disrupt the peace of the people despite differences in political orientation. Mopamuro populace, whom are used to this peaceful arrangement between both axis will revolt the kangaroo decision of the supposed leaders of APC if allowed to stay with their votes in the 2019 election.
– Anjorin Victor
An APC Stalwart.

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