2019: For Genuine Equity, Fairness and Justice, It Is Mopa’s Turn for Assembly and Amuro’s Turn for Chairman

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As we approach the 2019 general elections, it is expected that all sort of political scheming will come to the fore. While some scheming are noble, some are ignoble.
Mopamuro is not left out of ignoble political scheming as we approach the next electioneering period.
The peace enjoyed in Mopamuro cannot be unconnected from the political understanding between the two district (Mopa and Amuro). This peace is about to be frustrated by some son of the soil, who cherish selfish interest over collective interest of the whole community.
Elected Offices and their Rotation/Zoning Formula:
The two main elected public offices strictly meant for Mopamuro is the Local Government Chairmanship and the Mopamuro State Constituency representative in the State House of Assembly.
The rotation formula has been followed is strictly that, if a Mopa person is the Chairman, the House of Assembly Member will be from Amuro and it shall be interchanged after one term in office.
History of Zoning of Elected Offices
1999 – 2003:
Local Government Chairman/Administrator/Caretaker – Hon. Olu Ezekiel (Mopa)
House of Assembly Member – Hon. Eric Fiki (Amuro)
2003 – 2007:
Local Government Chairman/Administrator/Caretaker – Hon. Sogo Williams (Amuro)
House of Assembly Member – Rt. Hon. Olafemi Clarence (Mopa)
2007 – 2011:
Local Government Chairman/Administrator/Caretaker – Hon. Obaro A.S. Pedro (Amuro)
House of Assembly Member – Rt. Hon. Olafemi Clarence (Mopa)
2011 – 2015:
Local Government Chairman/Administrator/Caretaker – Hon. Folorunsho Daniyan (Mopa)
House of Assembly Member – Commodore Folusho Daniel (Amuro)
2015 – 2019 (Till Date):
Local Government Chairman/Administrator/Caretaker – Hon. Moses Sunday David (Mopa)
House of Assembly Member – Hon. Obaro A.S. Pedro (Amuro)
It should be noted that between 2003 – 2011 (two terms), Mopa was the House of Assembly Member and Amuro was the Local Government Chairman/Administrator/Caretaker and between 2011 till date, Mopa is the Local Government Chairman/Administrator/Caretaker and Amuro is the House of Assembly Member.
In the place of genuine equity and fairness, it is expected that at the end of the tenure of the incumbent Administrator of the Local Government, the office ought to be zoned to Amuro axis, while Mopa should hustle for House of Assembly Member towards 2019 election.
Ordinarily, the Office of the Local Government Head which Mopa has enjoyed for two consecutive dispensations is more ‘juicy’ than the House of Assembly, but it is same Amuro sons/daughters that want Mopa to retain the office because of their individual selfish interest.
Other Political Parties
It should be of note that other political parties, about five of them, has agreed for Mopa to produce House of Assembly and Amuro for Chairman/Administrator.
Genuine Equity And Fairness
For genuine equity and fairness, Amuro should be the next Local Government Administrator/Chairman, while Mopa should be the next House of Assembly Member.
– Anjorin Victor, an APC Stalwart.

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