Open Letter to the Minister of Education by Adamu Musa

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MARCH 5TH, 2016

With due respect sir, I hope I meet you well. Without boring you with unnecessary suggestions or stories, I hereby use this means to still draw to your acquaintance that your ministry under the auspices of Federal Scholarship Board’s [FSB] BILATERAL EDUCATION AGREEMENT- BEA is organizing interviews for prospective undergraduates and graduates who aspire to study overseas.

Sir, a lot of Nigerian Youths, having met all criteria for sitting for the upcoming interview, would be travelling long distances to states they know little about in search for the betterment of their future and taking into cognizance the nature of our travel routes, the poor roads, the security challenges as well among others, the risks are quite numerous.

Sir, the gamut of this write up is that; A lot of us have been vehemently convinced over the years that a host of applicants who vehemently believed they would have merited it, had their names substituted with that of children of the soil thus making their dreams and aspirations a mirage thus, even those who believe they are likely to merit the award just go to the interview centres with the mindset of trying their luck.

Aside this, the slots available per country in comparison with those applying is really ridiculous indeed. For instance, we have slots for some countries at 6, some at 10, when we have applicants up to 800,000
If not more. I fervently suggest a review of some terms should be reconsidered.

At this juncture Sir, I hereby use this means to appeal to you to use your good office in promoting transparent strategies that would be beneficial and favourable to the less-privilege Nigerians who would commence their FEDERAL SCHOLARSHIP BOARD; FSB BILATERAL AGREEMENT INTERVIEWS from Monday; 7th March through Friday; 12th March, 2016 at selected federal government colleges- FGCs, across the geo-political zones.

Sir, I would also like to add that result compilations should be handled by highly reputable external Academics & should be made open and transparent to all and sundry.

By so doing, this would create a more advantageous scenario for most less-connected & less- privileged Nigerians and as well redeem the hope of many.

May the Almighty God assist you and your cabinet. Thank you!

A concerned Nigerian!

Adamu (a.k.a Adams) is the Convener of The Advantage Initiative.

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