Open Letter to President Muhammed Buhari Over Kogi Ministerial Nominee – Kogi Central Forecast Group

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The ongoing nomination of Bar. James Ocholi as minister representing Kogi State is like salt was added to injury already exists.



All Progressive Congress (APC) who claimed to change, where is that change? Is it at Presidential level or Jonathan to Buhari alone?



Everybody in Kogi State know the result outcome APC governorship primary election which Prince Abubakar Audu came first followed Bello Yahaya, Senator Nurudeen Usman-Abatemi and Abubakar Sanusi these three aspirants come from Kogi Central and the Last presidential results show Kogi Central voted overwhelm for President Muhammed Buhari. The president of this group president Yakubu Nazir Abdulhakeem have question for President Muhammed Buhari to answer, is it a crime to took 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the governorship primary election or gave PMB 116,645 votes.



If we were to go by primary election we are due to be Deputy Governor of Kogi State under APC. And on what bases Bar. James Ocholi was nominated as minister when a total stranger, two times Chairman in Ojodu LCDA of Ikeja Local Government Area and a Current House of Representative serving in Lagos to Deputize Audu by Ahmed Asiwaju Tinibu forces or cabal and everybody know



The past record of Audu has nothing to write home about, this the candidate who admitted of embezzlement 11 Billion naira when he was a governor of this state but promises of paying back if eventually win this election, what insult Audu lay on kogites, calling us a fool or uncivilized State. Where is the change the party is preaching for? Change from corruption to fraud, for one region governing the State of different ethnic groups, sentimental and tribalistic man. All Progressive Congress (APC) has misfire in Kogi State to let fraudulent man to be candidate and total stranger from the Kogi West will the Deputy.



Mr. PMB, this mistake can still be corrected before is too late as you did in Niger State. Only you can’t be fight for corruption when you are rounded by corrupt and injustice people in the country. The earlier rethink your decision; these elements will supersede you and dent your name.



If All Progressive Congress (APC) is for change, fairness, equity and justice, this minister has to relocate to Kogi Central as matter of urgency even if Senator Muhammed Ohiare represent Kogi Central mute.



As The People Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Capt. Idris Wada and All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate Prince Abubakar Audu are not the right candidates to take Kogi State from this present ill-governance.



As for Capt. Idris Wada of The People Democratic Party (PDP) a man who knows how to steals State allocation without any viable project in the State you can point finger. For last two year of his administration, he always be pretending of have ill-health and travel out of the country for medical treatment when received monthly allocation but returned when another allocation ripe.



Capt Idris Wada and Audu almost of the same feather in corruption. Wada corruption can’t be quantifying the magnitude of it now until he leave office because this is governor that contract project for himself and his cabinet without being execute and get way with the money.



This is governor who can’t pay the salary civil servants both at Local and State level rather in percentage but paid N400,000:00k for each delegate for his primary election to emerged the candidate of PDP. How many time Capt. Idris Wada travel out of Nigeria for medical check-up after his primary election, this show the governor is mentally sound but have tactic the of corrupting the State.



I then call on all Royal Fathers, Religion Leaders, Political Stakeholders and Leader of thought in Kogi State to find a party the is alternative for bad candidates if necessary action is not taking by Mr. PMB to revert the minister.


Yakubu Nazir Abdulhakeem

President: Kogi Central Forecast Group.

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