Open Letter to My Good People of Ankpa/ Omala/Olamaboro Federal Constituency

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My dearest people of Ankpa/ Omala/ Olamaboro Federal constituency,

You know we started this great efforts together and because of you, I am here victorious. I am therefore dedicating this victory to you all in appreciation of your support in making this effort come true.

You all came out and said that, issues and ideals matters. Jobs matters. Health care matters, education matters, the environment in which we live matters, social security matters, It all matters and i just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I thank the good people of Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Federal constituency.

Thank you for opening up your mind and your hearts, for seeing the possibilities of what we could do together for our children and for our future here in this wonderful constituency and in our nation. I am proudly grateful to all of you for giving me the chance once again to serve you. I would do everything that you want to be worthy of your faith and trust and to honour the powerful example of those before me.

I thank all of you for your generous supports and friendship even though I am constraint in this post to call your names individually. You have all been and always will be, the great champion for this constituency and I very much look forward to fighting by your side in the house of Representatives.

I also want to use this opportunity to thank all of my opponents. I congratulate them for their services to the people in time past and always and I wish them well. I promise you that I will reach across party lines to bring progress for all of our people irrespective of their political platforms.

We voted as members of different political parties but tomorrow we begin again as people of the Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro constituency.

And now fortunate we are indeed to live in the most diverse, dynamic and beautiful constituency in the entire state. You taught me, you tested me and you shared with your challenges and concerns about-healthcare, housing, crumbling schools, about the struggle to care for growing children and aging parents, about the crumbling challenge of providing equal opportunity for all.

In my first term, I have worked on issues like this, and with your trust I am determine to make a difference for all of you This is because of my conviction that our nation owes every responsible citizen the tools they need to make the most of their own lives. That is the basic bargain I would do my best to honour in the house of Representatives as your representative.

And to those of you who did not support me, I want you to know that I will work in the house of Representatives for you all, of Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Federal constituency. And for those of you who worked hard and never lost faith even in the toughest times, I offer you my undying gratitude.

I will work my heart out for you for the next four years.

Finally, this campaign was about ideas and issues, we have a lot to do to bring developments in all it’s physicality to our people and I am looking forward to do that work with you all.

Thank you, the good people of Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Federal constituency.

Hon Abdullahi Ibrahim Halims.
Member representing Ankpa/ Omala/ Olamaboro Federal constituency

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