Open Letter To Kogi Gov: Prioritize Teachers’ Pay by MomohJimoh Onipe

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Dear sir,

With shock and sympathy it came to our notice today that teachers especially secondary schools teachers in Kogi State are yet to receive their six to seven months salaries.

We wonder why teachers should not be given priority when it comes to salary payment issues considering the significant role they play in developing women, girls, children and youths that turned out to be our future leaders.

We are all living example to this fact. It may also interest you to note sir, that some of this teachers out of passion further commits their free time to serve humanity as volunteers through means they provide extra moral classes to enhance results.

It is high time government and individuals treat teachers as Very Important Personalities in our societies/ communities.

As much as we appreciate and stand by the government of His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello to sanitize the civil service systems and block all the leakages, we appeal to him to look into teachers’ salary issues and pay them as a matter of urgency.

We support and recommend for consideration the advice earlier made by our CEO M J Onipe Yussuff, on general salaries issues amongst others in his five page official letter titled: ‘Observations, Analysis and Recommendations on issues pertaining your office and Kogi State’. We believe that the recommendation will give His Excellency enough time to structure and introduce e-salary payments system in the state. Hence strengthen the systems and put an end to delay in salary payments.

This crusade is in the interest of humanity to enhance brighter future for our innocent women, kids and youths which is part of our governance strengthening responsibilities – Advocate for implementation of policy.

We believe that his Excellency will give this letter high sensitivity and attention.

Kind Regards.


MomohJimoh Onipe Yussuff
Chairman/ CEO

Avabe Initiative For Community Development,

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