Open Letter to Gov. Bello: Reconcile With Hadi Ametuo Faction for the Sake of APC

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Good day your excellency,

I came to realized that you really love our APC and you will do anything withing your powers to ensure its victory in the forth coming election, but with the way this are going on, if care is not taking, your name will be mentioned as one who contributed to the fall of APC in the state, a party you love most.

The current political abnormal happenings in the state chapter of the party which was a result of a new faction championed by the GYB New Direction party faithful will not augur well for the party. This factionalization has led to parallel congress been held in the state.

Your excellency, based on past antecedents in the Nigeria political ecology, these factionalization and parallel congress can only lead to two things in the eyes of the law; either APC is assumed to have not featured a candidate in the elections and the victory given to the opposition party or the list from the Hadi Ametuo led faction of the party, who are the constitutionally recognized party state executive in the eyes of the law will be recognized.

Your excellency, the truth is always the truth, which soever way it goes you stand at a disadvantaged side, that is the losing side. Why then spent resources and time on a mission that is politically unrealistic? while you have a better, simpler and cheaper alternative at your door steps and disposal. The alternative I am talking about is just that of reconciliation with the Hadi Ametuo faction of the party so as to obtain the sole ticket of the party from the officially and constitutionally recognized party structure in the state.

Your excellency, we know you are the chief executive of the state, why not forget about the political pride and the sycophantic advice from some political jobbers and embrace the spirit of genuine reconciliation in the party. Remember the golden saying in politics, “it does not matter how you get there, but the most important thing is that you are there”.

Your excellency, you can see that the lack of unity in the party have given hope to political lunatics who have plunged the state into a pathetic and sorrowful socio-economic cum political state to come out openly trying to dare our darling APC party that was sent to rescue the state from the hands of these chronic socio-economic saboteurs.

Lastly, I hope you listen to this advice of reconciliation for the success and progress of our great party. It is not a political crime for some one who is political and constitutionally fit to seek for re-election or second term but what matters is getting the platform fundamentally right.

Wishing you the best as you pilot the affairs of the state, Kogi state has been rescued from the hands of the socio-economic cum political saboteurs and we shall never go back to the land of the political Egyptians again.

– Enemama Sam Akubor.

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