Open Letter to APC National Chairman on Outcome of Gov’ship Primary in Kogi

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Your Excellency,

The just concluded party primary of our dear party in Kogi state ranked among the most shameful and intended to deliberately lead to the death of our party in the state.

The All Progressive Congress as a political platform since its formation by our heroes has been known as a veritable vehicle in promoting good governance, good practices, and above all a democratic dispensation morally entrenched to give every segment of it’s membership a sense of belonging.

The recently held primary election if allowed to be ratified by the National Working Committee (NWC), would have signal to the whole world that you intended to stand aside doing nothing when a self seeking godfather in the state seemingly with the action of last Friday 14 April, decides to preside over the reqiuem of the party in Kogi state.

I would like to tell you the fact that the goodwill the party has earned for itself over the years among the electorates in the state is waning not with the action of the governor, Yahaya Bello, to use the party in the state as a vehicle to satisfy only his whims and caprices and to cover his tracks.

We are actually awaiting the heralded Armageddon of the party by the silence of the party leadership in not wielding the big stick by calling the governor along with his cohorts in this destructive journey to order.

The truth is our people waited for the primary election of the party held last Friday to use their votes to recruit capable leadership for the state thereby reclaiming their rights as the democratically acceptable recruiter of leaders at every point in time but were amazed that the shenanigan on parade was allowed to take place.

I want to remind you, Mr chairman, that this aviodable scenario have played out in the party before in the state with the attendant consequences of the party completely losing the state to the opposition and if nothing is done immediately to remedy this unethical charade, the party stands no chance of retaining the state. Our love and loyalty to the party compelled us to write you this open letter because to be forewarned is to be forewarned.

The conduct of the primary was not in conformity with the party’s own guidelines or any known democratic practices anywhere in the world.We want to salute the courage of the chairman of the primary committee and the chief returning officer, Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara state who after being cajoled into brandishing a court order illegally gotten at the eleventh hour, made a u-turn after realizing the charade called primary election of the party in the state decided to opt out of announcing the results of the election which in the first place was never held.

We wish to advice the leadership of the party to immediately make the urgent move to completely nullify the exercise for the futility it is and conduct another inclusive primary election immediately.

Any other decisions taking apart of outright cancellation will lead to the perception of the party membership that indeed the party leadership at the national level are part and parcel of this shenanigan with grave consequences to our chances at the polls.

We are very impressed with your performances since you became the chairman of the party with your team at the national working committee of the party and hopeful you would do that which is right and urgently too.


– Musa Wada writes from Abuja.

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