Only Ingrates Will Fail to Appreciate What Buhari Has Done for Nigeria – Yahaya Bello

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Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi has said that Nigeria’s unity, interest, emancipation, prosperity remain the priority of President Muhammadu Buhari, as he urges Nigerians to support his course for a greater Nigeria.

Bello made this known on Wednesday in Abuja when he received traditional and political leaders from Daura, Katsina State, who paid him a courtesy visit to appreciate his support to President Buhari.

According to Bello, President Buhari has done so much for Nigeria and Nigerians, adding that only ingrates will fail to appreciate all he has done for the country.

Bello said that all Nigerians need to do is to continue to pray for the success of President Buhari because his success is the success of the nation and its citizens.

“It will take an ingrate not to appreciate what President Muhammadu Buhari has been doing and is still doing for this country.

“President Buhari from history has been sacrificing and continued to sacrifice for the unity, the security, prosperity and emancipation of this country. Right from his days in the Military and now as a civilian.

“Mr President’s interest is for you and I and not himself. Mr President is the only President of this country who does not have a foreign account, he does not have any house abroad,.

He does not have companies both at home and abroad other than his cattle. He is the only President who even in his sick bed continues to wish this country well.

“He fought the civil war to keep this country together, not fighting the civil war from the office, he was at the war front, meaning he was ready to sacrifice his life and still ready to sacrifice his life for the unity of this county.

“Mr President was never found wanting to touch one kobo of Nigeria’s money. Mr President is one who will allow the will of the people, he will never unplease anybody.

“He is one who allowed the will of the people to prevail. So the very least we as his people, citizens can do is to ensure that we do everything to support him.

“Whoever wishes him to fail, God forbid, is wishing Nigeria to fail. So why won’t we continue to show our support physically, spiritually and all otherwise to succeed.

“May President Muhammadu Buhari succeed immensely and complete his term successfully by God’s grace,” Bello said.

Bello said that President Buhari has put a lot of structures and policies in place to groom the younger generation and politicians from across the country to succeed from where he has stopped.

Ho, however, noted that if Nigerians want him to continue the legacies of President Buhari in 2023, he will not look away but heed to their call.

Spokesperson for the group, Abba Daura, said the visit was to appreciate Bello for his unwavering support to President Buhari and the success of his administration.

“The people of Katsina, under my leadership, are present here to appreciate the way you take people of Katsina State, and we are here to give our support and solidarity for what you’re yearning for.

“When we get back home, we will strategise on how we can help you and how your dreams will become a reality,” Daura said.


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