“One Mr Olorunhudo Taiwo is Impersonating My Office” – NAOS President Cries Out

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It was a dramatic scene yesterday when the president of National Association Of Okun Students (NAOS), KSU chapter, Comrade Abayomi Samuel received a last week edition of Graphics newspapers, where his office was allegedly reported to have presented an award to the Director of protocol of Kogi State Government House, Mr Sunday Aiyenibe.
Surprised findings showed that the impersonator, Mr Olorunhudo Taiwo is a  graduate of Ahmadu Bello University who is famed for doling out awards in the guise of student bodies to unsuspecting political office holders and money bags with the singular aim of enriching his personal purse..
In a public disclaimer signed by the association’s PRO, the president said, “this is a pathetic development and I will like to call on the entire public to place a security watch on Mr Taiwo Olorunhudo to avoid being the next victim of his uncontrolled search for opulence. I also want to use this ample opportunity to formally notify the DG protocol that he has been swindled as it was never in the know of the Union to present an award to him”.

“It should be known that it’s not in the upbringing of Okun sons and daughters to indulge in such nefarious activities hence, we will still write to relevant security agencies afterwards to invite him for necessary interrogations and probably appeal to his good conscience to desist from such ill-mannered escapades”.

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