On Kogi Local Government Political and Leadership Crisis

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Over the last five months, Kogi Local Government Area of Kogi State has been faced with political and leadership crises.

The problem in Kogi LGA today is “I want to be seen and recognized as the ultimate leader who all other leaders are subjected to and also be in charge of all the political happenings in the area”. This has caused disintegration and disunity amongst the leaders and even the political party, All Progressives Congress (APC).

Privileged individuals and elites have seen the opportunity of being part of the lead government as an avenue to oppress and transform what is meant for good people of Kogi Local Government Area to personal use.

While the leaders continue to outrightly fight themselves over nothing, the masses -young men and women, elders and old men – are at the receiving end.

Further more, a lot of party faithful were aggrieved with the conduct and impositions of executives at the ward and local government levels respectively but cannot air their views due to the autocratic nature of the processes.

Having been part of this lead government in different capacities, the priority should be how to unite leaders and restructure Kogi LGA and also strengthen the peaceful coexistence amongst the people.

In an organization where there is no unity, peace and togetherness, such an organization will always witness setback no matter how they strive just as Kogi LGA suffering.

To the young aspiring politicians, the current happening in the local government is an eye opener and an experience to reflect on. You must make a wider range of consultations in choosing a leader.

– Abubakar Mubarak Musa, an Activist, writes from Kogi LGA.

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