Olu Majek Unveils ‘Maiyederun’ Plan for Kabba-Bunu

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A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in kogi State, Comrade Olu Majek Oluomo, has made known his aspiration to be the next council Chairman of Kabba-Bunu Local Government in Kogi State.

A youthful grassroot mobilizer, Majek said the burning passion to help people is his main driving force.

In a elaborate manifesto made available to Kogireports, Majek promises a people-centric government that will create social programmes that will support aged people in Kabba-Bunu. He said his will be a ‘Maiyederun’ administration.

“Under the Maiyederun Administration, the goal is not to completely eradicate poverty. We will aspire to make elementary education in all public schools free for all pupils. This will directly lessen the burden on their parents.

“It is no surprise that across the length and breadth of Bunu Land, there is no single manufacturing company! Same could be said of Kabba. Kabba/Bunu LGA deserves Manufacturing Companies. Under the Maiyederun Administration, we will harness our international contacts to set up manufacturing companies in Kabba/Bunu LGA. We are currently connected to several foreign companies who are eager to partner with state and local governments in Nigeria to set up viable investments without any financial commitment from the host government. We will take full advantage of this opportunity to industrialize Kabba/Bunu LGA.

Majek plans to set up a ‘Tech Village’ in Kabba town where young people can congregate to cross fertilize ideas and undertake serious research and development projects.

“We need young men who can build inverters, explore Solar Energy Solution, do some graphic designs, repair computers and mobile phones and a whole lot of other ICT programmes. This is doable and we are committed to this goal.

“Women will also be empowered to take advantage of the multiplier effects of empowering women. It is said that when you empower women, you empower a nation.

Majek explained that wealth generation occupies the centre stage of the Maiyederun Administration. He pledged to explore all necessary avenue to generate wealth for the Local Government to such an extent that Kabba Bunu council will never have to wait for state allocation to pay salaries.


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