Ojuju Agbadufu Igala Cleans Ata Igala Palace in Preparation for Installation

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Ojuju Agbadufu, the foremost Igala youth socio-cultural organization worldwide, has taken cleaning the Ata Igala palace in Idah as their own contribution towards the anticipated installation of a new paramount monarch.

The cleaning exercise was sequel to the announcement of Prince Mathew Alaji Opaluwa as the Ata Igala designate by the Kogi state government.

Idah, the traditional headquarters of the Igala people and the ancient Ata Igala’s Palace in particular has been agog with activities, preparatory to the installation of the Ata to sit on the ancient throne of Igala Kingdom.

Speaking with newsmen who visited the Palace, the President in Council of Ojuju Agbadufu, Mr Christopher Ukwenya and the Clerk of Council, Comrade Maji Isah, expressed happiness and satisfaction in their role.

Speaking, the President said “there is a lot of work to be done here in the palace to make it appealing as we are expecting people from all over world to visit Idah soon to witness the ancient Installation process of Agabaidu that is returning from his hunting expedition.

“Ojuju Agbadufu is currently clearing the palace as a way of contribution and we are happy doing it. There is a lot to be done and I use this opportunity to call on every Igala son and daughter, foremost organizations to come through for the land by making a contribution in ensuring we fix the palace to look befitting for the return of Agabaidu. 

“Little contributions like this by many people and organisations would amount to a huge work done on aggregate. Let’s not leave this for anyone to come do it for us. It is our duty, it is our responsibility to fix our house when expecting visitors and so everyone should make their own contributions however small.”

Maji Isah said he was happy to be a part of the cleaning process. “It is a lifetime opportunity and so I do not take it for granted. Idah is history, The Ata Igala palace is history and so when I march the ground here, I do it with caution because I am walking on a historic site.

“In the last one year that Igala nation has been in mourning, the grasses in the palace has grown so fast and so big that it taking Ojuju Agbadufu the employment of over 25 persons to do a manual clearing while employing three machines to work on other parts. These guys has worked for three days now and they will still work for two more days considering the situation we met. The Palace is really fertile which is a representative of the entire Igala soil.”

Though the date for the Inauguration has not been officially announced, Igala people are turning every stones in the Palace to make sure the occasion is colorful.

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