Ohere 2023! On APC Continuity We Stand in Forthcoming Election

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When APC took over government in 2015, The state was in a precarious situation having being led by the current main opposition party. Fortunately, the ugly narratives have been changed by our great party. APC is the political party that you can trust anyday, anytime.

It’s time for another election, the candidates and the leadership of other parties are making false, unrealistic and unattainable promises in order to get the votes of the electorates. Another season of bogus promises by politicians of deceitful political parties.

Tell them to come up with new lies and new fake promises as the people are fed up with their old lies.

Governor Yahaya Bello came on board, he promised to fix the roads, reform the civil service, tackle insecurity in the state, address the challenges in the health and in the education sector. All that promises have been fulfilled and he’s doing more. 

Will you then vote that party that failed on these core areas of good governance in the time past? 

The reward for good is good. It’s payback time. The time has come for the electorates to reward the government of the All Progressives Congress for their hard work and commitments to deliver the dividends of democracy .

Do not allow yourselves to be deceived. APC deserves to remain in power. Vote for continuity. All the candidates of the APC from top to bottom are competent and well experienced.

My dear people of Ebiraland, the blue print of Engr. Abubakar Sadiku Ohere speaks volume. Politics is a serious business, local and it is done at the grass root.

Secure your PVC for Engr. Abubakar Sadiku Ohere. Let’s win together!

– Danfulani Ohinoyi Lukman
For: Ohere’23 E-Media Crew

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