ODA: VOMY Calls for Youth-Inclusive Administration

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Voice Of Mopamuro Youths (VOMY) has called for a youth inclusive administration from the newly elected executives of Okun Development Association (ODA).
The convener of VOMY, Abel Olushola Julius made this known after the election which held on Friday at Kabba.
“We plead that the newly elected executives of ODA should run a ‘youth inclusive administration’, as this will go a long way to enable Okun Youths tap from their wisdom bank and get prepared for leadership.
“The development enjoyed so far in Okun land cannot be unconnected from the efforts of Okun Development Association, invariably the just concluded peaceful, free and fair election of the Association which produced Barr. Femi Mokikan as the President is a reflection of what the association stands for.
“Voice Of Mopamuro Youths is also saying a big congratulations to all the contestants on behalf of entire Okun youths. We are rest assured that all contestant contested because of their interest for a better Okun Nation, apparently we all cannot emerge at once but give all the necessary support to the emerged so that we can arrive at Okun Nation of our dreams.
“Even though less was never expected, we appreciate the maturity posed by all the contestants, especially the Presidential aspirants: Chief Jimmy Olumudi and Barr. Femi Mokikan for projecting once again the probity and repute in their respective personalities despite the various political intrigues raised by the nature of our social habituation and political orientation.
“We also indulge entire Okun Youths to remain true sons and daughters of Okun Land, it is when we are responsible as Youths that our leaders will be proud of us and deem it fit to confer responsibility on us”, Abel said.

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