November 16: The Judgement Day

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Come November 16th, The Judgement Day, the trumpet will sound and Kogi masses will decide whether to continue in their suffering or to ‘Koya’.!

I am not a meteorologist; I don’t know what the weather will look like on that day maybe sunny or cold, but I trust Kogites to storm polling centers to vote their pains out. The sacrifice is more than necessary for them to determine the future of the rich Confluence State.

Even if Kogi’s weather is replaced with Antarctica’s that day, I know there’s no stopping the people, they will come out to vote passionately for the candidate of their choice.

On the Judgement day, I hope the civil servants will be allowed to vote without the need to travel to Lokoja to queue for screening? What of the Pensioners with grey hair? Hope they won’t be asked to come to Lokoja with their last three month statement of account before they can exercise their voting right? Where are the students who have enjoyed the larger path of their academic session in their home under their parents and guardians? I think they will prepare to write their Final paper under Mr Yaya Bello on November 11, with INEC officials being the External Supervisor. I wish you all the best in your final paper my students (Amen).

I salute the farmers in my dear state for the endurance and sacrifice you have been through for the past years despite the influx of herdsmen on your farmland. I prophesy into the lives of Kogi State Farmers that your labour shall never be in vain (Amen).

For the artisans and traders, I guess when civil servants are not paid, you suddenly become victims as business standstill because you are forced to sell on credit. You will vote and you must vote for a Better Kogi.

I am not a Joseph The Dreamer but I foresee many things that will happen on what I call Kogi’s Judgement Day (KJD). A situation where money-bag politicians would be trying to buy voters’ conscience at the polling centers, but it will be too late. Thugs will be overpowered by the masses. Voters will resist any form of harassment or intimidation. The election will be adjudged as the freest and fairest gubernatorial election ever held in the most populous nation in Africa.

Lastly, in my vision is Kogi election will be conclusive and undebatable.

There is no need to call on Moses, flanked by Aaron, to march us out of ‘Egypt’ even when we know we are already in Pharaoh’s net. We are to embark on our own long walk to freedom which starts now.

In Kogi, we still have within us our own Nelson Mandela, Obafemi Awolowo, Sekou Toure, Nnamdi Azikwe, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Mulumba who can drive the rich state to greatness. We only need to pick our permanent voters cards (PVCs) and decide.

– Toba Ajayi, a concerned Kogite

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