NOSDRA DG Bags Bureau for Public Service Reforms, NES Awards

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By Olawale Mohammed.

The Director-General/Chief Executive of National Oil Spill Detection And Response Agency (NOSDRA), Mr. Idris Olubola Musa, in a momentous occasion, has been honored with two prestigious awards that underscore his remarkable leadership and unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

At the 32nd National Conference/AGM of the Nigeria Environmental Society (NES) in Coal City Enugu, he was conferred with the esteemed Honorary Fellowship Award, recognizing his exceptional contributions to the field.

Furthermore, the Bureau for Public Service Reforms (BPSR) has, with utmost admiration, nominated NOSDRA for distinguished service awards, commending the agency for pioneering innovation in the Federal MDA Mobile Application.

NOSDRA has demonstrated excellence as a Distinguished Govtech TRAIMIL Trailblazer, setting new standards in governmental technology initiatives.

It is worth noting that NOSDRA stands as the sole agency in Nigeria equipped with the digital prowess to monitor and track gas flaring, offering invaluable statistical data on this environmentally impactful activity. Gas flaring, a practice that has led to the loss of billions of dollars and severe environmental consequences, is being effectively curbed by the innovative solutions introduced by NOSDRA. The introduction of the gas flaring tracker, initiated a few years ago by the DG, Mr. Idris Olubola, has consistently provided vital statistics on the volume of gas being flared in metric tons, along with its equivalent monetary impact.

The awards received by the DG/CE NOSDRA are a testament to his exemplary leadership in promoting environmental sustainability and technological innovation. NOSDRA’s dedication to addressing the critical issue of gas flaring, combined with its pioneering digital solutions, is a beacon of hope in safeguarding our environment and national resources. These accolades are a recognition of the pivotal role played by NOSDRA in preserving our environment and economic prosperity.

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