Nigerians Have Been Deceived by President Buhari – Comrade Emeka Chibuzo Ogbonna

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As President Buhari marks the second year of his administration next week, one of Nigeria’s most prominent and outspoken human rights activist and leader of a pro-democracy /socio political organization, Agenda for New Nigeria (ANN), Comrade Emeka Chibuzo Ogbonna, has delivered scathing criticisms on the administration, in an interview he granted the press.

Comrade Emeka Ogbonna raised concern on the worsening economic situation in the country, as evidenced by rising unemployment, worsening power supply, increasing insecurity, rising inflation, worsening Naira exchange rate, and fuel scarcity.

Comrade Emeka Ogbonna said, “the President has failed woefully on the three areas he bases his campaign upon: security, corruption and economy.”

On the issue of insecurity in the country, Comrade Ogbonna challenged President Buhari to effectively tackle the menace of Boko Haram terrorist that is still killing innocent Nigerians, and urged the government to do all within her power to rescue the remaining kidnapped Chibok girls still in the captivity of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

He also raised concern over the increasing menace of Fulani herdsmen killing innocent Nigerians.

On economy, Comrade Ogbonna commented, “the economy is in a worse state now than ever before, more and more Nigerians are entering the poverty cycle as more people are losing their jobs, and many companies are folding up due to the prevailing harsh economic conditions.”

Comrade Ogbonna berated President Buhari for being selective is his presumed fight against corruption, insisting there must not be any sacred cows.

To buttress his point, he cited various and damming allegations against the Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Burutai, and Minister of Internal Affairs, General Abdulrahman Danbazzau, who have both been implicated in scandals, with documentary evidences showing both Military Generals acquiring multi-million dollar real estates, beyond their legitimate incomes, within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

According to Comrade Ogbonna, “the President continues to ignore these allegations, and has not deemed it fit to order an investigation into these allegations “.

The Comrade further lambasted President Buhari for reneging on his campaign promise to end ‘medical tourism’, as he has consistently been seeking medical treatment in the UK.

According to Comrade Ogbonna, “less than two years since coming into power, President Buhari has made four trips to the UK for medical treatment. It is a huge shame and embarrassment that President Buhari is doing the exact same thing he spoke against during his campaign. President Buhari should lead by example by using Nigerian Doctors and hospitals. Our hard earned foreign reserves are being depleted from these unnecessary foreign medical trips.”

He also gave knocks to the government for reneging on its electoral promise to reduce petrol pump price once elected into office.

According to Comrade Emeka Ogbonna, “it is rather unfortunate that the government of President Buhari has further impoverished already suffering Nigerians by reneging on its electoral promise to reduce fuel price once elected into office, but rather, has increased the pump price from N85 per litre to N145 per litre, thereby plunging more Nigerians into poverty.”

“Is this how President Buhari intends to reward Nigerians for electing him as their President?,” he queried.

“Clearly, Nigerians have been deceived by President Buhari,” he concluded.

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