Nigeria; As We See It

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In the words of Friedrich Hegel “What experience and history teach is this — that people and governmentshave never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it”. If we had truly learnt from history, we should not be found repeating age long errors. For instance, the 1967 civil war in Nigeria was among other factors caused by ethnical coloration. On the pages of “Essentials of government” a lot of factors were laid to bear. All factors were essentially provided so as educate the society about the ills of polarized politics.

Regrettably, various successive political administration have done very little to create equity amongst the poor and rich, tribes and religious body. About the current administration, if Nigeria was considered polarized, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have been able to further widen an already polarized society via it many body language. The point is, even a blind man can tell that Nigeria is a home to ridiculous event. For instance,  part of the unwritten wonders of the world was recently revealed in Nigeria via a ministry that showed us that a snake is able to swallow millions of naira. Perhaps the reptile had privy information to where the locks were kept for…

Therefore, when other people refer to Nigeria as a zoo or a huge joke, I do not take it as a wild gutter talk rather it is a resentment against glaring mismanagement. This resentment is synonymous to a mother who was sent to the market by her husband to get food stuffs for the family.  Instead of doing as told, she went ahead to get for herself a fine  looking beautiful gown. She returns home to display the beauty of gown but…

Like most Nigerians would say, I am of the opinion that an efficient and effective system is a product of concerted effort. Same applies to failure. When a system refuses to work, it simply means that there is a problem from within the caucus supposedly responsible for- Needless to say, once upon a long time, I stumbled on an Interview aired by Channels TV. One of the speakers said that should Nigeria shop for ten Nelson Mandelas, it would only amount to waste. In his idea, he thinks Nigeria is running on an old model machine which is the 1999 constitution. He thinks of it as stinking. Something very unfit to run a twenty first century society.

However, the basis of all the talk is to reawaken our subconscious to the fact that Nigeria will always seek good leadership. However, such leaders can only be found in us all if we decide to start doing things the right way. Just like every part of matters, we also matter.

– Olayinka Kayode

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