Nigeria @ 60: Our Challenges Are Not Insurmountable – Dr Omede

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Former president of Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Dr. Idris Omede has called on Nigerians to see the nation’s diversity as a source of strength.

Omede made the call on Thursday in a statement to commemorate Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day Anniversary.

He stated that “the challenges before us as a nation are not insurmountable, provided we have the strong will, determination and right frame of thoughts, mind and patriotism.”

“On this Diamond (60th) Independence of our nation Nigeria, the journey to nation building has been of rainbow colour. The rise has been variable, the challenges are numerous, but in all we must thank God for our lives as individuals and as a nation.

“As a nation we need to explore our potential more positively to the fullest in the era of disruptive technology and ICT, that form the fulcrum of leap in the 21st century and beyond.

“Focused leadership, accountability, discipline, appropriate engagement and participation of professional are fundamental to our socio-economic, infrastructural and developmental breakthrough,” he said.

The former president, Association of Professional Bodies in Nigeria (APBN) charged Nigerians to develop and maintain positive attitude towards nation-building.

“Our democracy will only have more meaning and appreciated by our act, actions and pragmatism for a more decent, less violent electoral processes. Our attitude, approaches to election, approaches to positions of appointment, approaches to schedules and responsibilities as civil and public servants and approaches to¬† opportunities in most instances and winner takes all posture, has made the cliche ‘Power is taken, not given’ a negativity,¬†misinterpreted and misused.

“God bless Nigeria as we reflect on our diversity as source of strength rather than adversity.”

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