National Body of NYCN Annuls Illegal Suspension of Kogi Chapter Chairman, Amb. Usman Ogohi

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  • Affirms Ogohi as the legitimate Chairman of Kogi State chapter of National Youth Council of Nigeria.

The National Secretariat of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) is delighted to officially recognize and reinstate Ambassador Usman Ogohi Samuel as the legitimate Chairman of the Youth Council in Kogi State.

In letter signed by NYCN Vice President, Amb. Akoshile Mukhtar, the decisive action underscores the Youth Council’s unwavering commitment to nurturing unity, progress, and a harmonious working environment within the youth community of Kogi State.

Akoshile noted that after conducting a thorough review of the situation, the National Secretariat has unanimously reaffirmed Ambassador Usman Ogohi Samuel as the duly elected and rightful Chairman of the Youth Council.

“This recognition underscores his exceptional leadership attributes, steadfast dedication, and vision for a dynamic and prosperous youth community.

“The decision to acknowledge Ambassador Usman Ogohi Samuel’s leadership was reached after careful consideration of all pertinent factors and extensive consultations with relevant stakeholders. The National Secretariat firmly believes that his leadership will provide the much-needed guidance to empower the youth, enhance their well-being, and contribute significantly to the overall development of Kogi State.

“In light of this development, the National Secretariat strongly discouraged any efforts to establish a parallel administration within the Youth Council.

“Unity and cohesion are paramount for the advancement of any organization, and the National Secretariat calls upon all members and stakeholders to wholeheartedly support Ambassador Usman Ogohi Samuel’s leadership for the collective progress of the youth community,” the letter read.

Following the prompt intervention of the National Body, Ambassador Usman Ogohi Samuel has voluntarily withdrawn the suit he filed in court to challenge his illegal suspension. This proactive step exemplifies a commitment to fostering a climate of cooperation and collaboration.

The National Secretariat encouraged all parties involved to embrace constructive dialogue and work harmoniously under Ambassador Usman Ogohi Samuel’s leadership to address any concerns and pursue the common goals of the Youth Council.

Ambassador Usman Ogohi Samuel’s dedication to inclusivity, transparency, and the welfare of the youth remains steadfast. His leadership holds the potential to pave the way for innovative programs, initiatives, and projects that will uplift the youth and contribute significantly to the progress of Kogi State.

The National Secretariat expressed full confidence in Ambassador Usman Ogohi Samuel’s capacity to lead the Youth Council towards a promising future.

The National Body implored all stakeholders to set aside their differences and join hands in constructing a robust, unified, and prosperous youth community in Kogi State.

See the full letter of the National Body as attached.

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