Natasha is a Phenomenon

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The Social Democratic Party’s candidate in the last gubernatorial election in Kogi State, Barr. Natasha Akpoti, has become a political star in the country.

Natasha Akpoti who made debut in politics in the 2015 general elections has weakness just like every other politician in the nation. She has therefore never allowed her weakness to weigh her down as she had risen to conquer every challenge on her way.

One spectacular thing about her is the uncompromising attitude of her staunched supporters. Her supporters are so entrenched to a level that wherever you see them, they speak the same way and not deterred by the gimmick of their political opponents. More still, their morale prior to the various elections which Natasha contested and lost out have been the same till date. They are more united, unrelenting and are ready to follow Natasha to any level.

Recall, that few weeks ago, the social media platform was agog with the pictures of humanitarian services embarked upon by Natasha in Edo and Kogi State on her self-funded ongoing road construction projects.

Suffice to this, when the writer of this article made a short trip to his home town, where Natasha equally hails from too, he took time to authenticate the claims of road construction project. On getting to Ihima and after taking some few hours’ rest, I asked the local about the ongoing road construction project and indeed, they attested that Natasha was constructing road in Ihima.

I was taking to the site and on getting there, what I saw truly amazed me. The contractor with their heavy equipment was on the site constructing the new road linking Ihima to Ege in Adavi local government of Kogi State. The 10Kilometer road had its’ curvet from Ihima to Ege done and first Asphalt already laid.

Before now, the road was not motorable and only accessible by foot path because of the hill linking Ihima and Ege village. The hill which had obstructed vehicular movement over the years, during my visit was being dismantled to give way for the new road access.

These left me wonder the spirit in Natasha. An individual constructs new road linking two local governments which ordinarily should have been the sole responsibility of the State government.

Natasha is truly a wonder to me because she has dared unimaginable in the nation. In the history of ebiraland and Kogi State at large, I have not seen any serving or former political office holder undertaking a high profile self-funded project of this nature. To be candid and I am not exaggerating, the project worth hundreds of millions of naira.

Natasha singular step in this regard has entrenched her more to the locals. She has become more popular and being loved by many. I see future in Natasha rising to become a political figure not only in Kogi State but the nation at large.

– Shaibu Stephen Ojate, a public affairs commentator, writes from Kubwa, Abuja.
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