NASRDA and Its Impact on the Security Challenges Facing the Nation

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Nigeria has the potentials and the human resources to be a great country. This assertion is true and even truer with the development of a satellite technology that have the capacity to trace the movements of terrorists and other criminal elements and even neutralize them by the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA).

The development of this technology by the management of the agency led by its director general, Dr. Halilu Ahmed Shaba came at the right time considering the security challenges confronting our country.

Therefore, the management of the present NASRDA must be commended for their timely interventions through satellite technology of the security challenges facing the country today.

This goes to show that if given the chance, our institutions in the country are getting stronger just like NASRDA has shown in fulfilling on their mandate in the interest of the nation.

The agency has also demonstrated through its able management that is ready to collaborate with other sisters agency charged with the responsibilities of securing the country to live up to their constitutional responsibility of securing the country.

The director general who after his resumption has repeatedly asserted the need for the development and deployment of satellite technology has a tool towards combating of the security challenges of the nation and has worked assiduously towards its fulfilment has now achieved for the agency a commendable recognition as a relevant stakeholder in the collaborative efforts amongst the relevant security echelon of the nation because it possesses the relevant capabilities and specialisation to combat the security challenges that has caused great havoc in the political, social and economic sphere of Nigeria.

Shaba has taken NASRDA within a short term of his being at the helm of affairs at the agency to a greater height whereby it is being commended for making our country through its competences to take its place in space and its place on earth by providing the necessary ingredients for the development of the Nigerian society through the instrumentality of space science and technology.

The DG has stressed and used inclusiveness, collectivism and capacity building as a tool in achieving the security of Nigeria and in policy formulation in the Nigeria space programme has today achieved a first in Nigeria through the development of the satellite technology.

With the medium and high resolution satellite which was developed and used in time past to provide satellite images to security agencies, NASRDA is today ready to deploy the capabilities in providing satellite data of the flashpoints which would be beneficial in the fight against insecurity.

Dr. Shaba today is leading the thinking for the creation of the national reconnaisance centre with other security agencies which would be headed by the national security adviser NSA, where relevant security information would be domiciled.

The DG has always expressed his commitment towards the fulfilment of the NASDRA mandate which includes the deployments of space technologies towards providing solutions towards the problems of Nigeria which the agency truly is fulfilling today.

The agency is also collaborating with stakeholders including the defence space administrations who are in the forefront of providing security through the instrumentality of space technology.

Dr. Halilu Shaba is also today commended as the DG who has made staff of the agency passionate towards the fulfilments of the agency’s mandate and ensuring teamwork which has served as the springboard in making the agency and Nigeria as a whole the pride of Africa.

Today all hands are on deck through the effective leadership acumen of the Shaba in ensuring the implementation of the national space programme and most importantly make NASRDA, Nigeria’s important collective interests.

Today, while many think that investment in space technology is a waste of money, the NASRDA DG has through its programme shown that it is not as the present NASRDA is bringing in huge returns on investments by contributing immeasurably to the economic growth and development of the country.

Our amiable President Muhammadu Buhari is today proud of the work of agency and has commended it as the only agency of government that is today fulfilling on its mandate.

Dr. Shaba is today working with the federal government making sure that our space programmes which is seen by many analyst prior to the appointment of the present DG. as outdated is been renewed.

Our security challenges are today abating, thanks to the availability of the NASRDA satellite technology developed to trace and tackle these challenges.

Today, NASRDA satellite cannot only be used for for the validation of the ward boundaries through the Geo-referenced data for development GRID3 PROGRAMME, but harnessed to contain the rising insecurity by detecting the movements and neutralising it. It combines the expertise of partners, governments, united nations, academia and the private sector to design adaptable and relevant geo-spartial solution based on each country’s capacity and development needs.

Thanks to the DG, Dr Halilu Ahmed Shaba.

– Musa Wada writes from Abuja.

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