My Thoughts on APC: Gov Bello vs Hon Faleke by Abbas Yahaya

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The APC political atmosphere in Kogi is openly divided; Alhaji Yahaya Bello and his cohorts, and Hon James Faleke  and his own cohorts.

I am saddened about such internal friction; these two brilliant individuals should have been working together for the progress of the state and the political party that they belong to  which I presently sympathize with; but due to ideological differences and accusations of mischief politicking, these two have failed to come to terms.

I am strongly against intra party division even though they have their own reasonable grievances against each other. But if I am asked to pick one among the two, I will without hesitation pick Hon James Faleke based on his record in lagos/Kogi west district and a philanthropy; and that for being one among the few that fights hard for the rights that Kogi people enjoying in Lagos today; and also for being one of those that faced series of incarceration as they fought so hard for the restoration of the democracy that we have today in Kogi state {APC}, while also some among us are having the privilege of standing on this platform of democracy as political representatives of various levels.

His credible effort is a fact that speaks for itself. I am not knocking Governor Yahaya Bello down, the thing is everyone has a preference, and Hon Faleke is my own preference. Governor Yahaya Bello indeed has a future in governance, he is a seasoned technocrat, and that surely counts. He has an impeccable record of public administration based on his antecedents while in Benue state. I think obviously he means well for this state, and I am one of those who are looking up to him to remedy our present predicament in the state, with the hope that he won’t disappoint.

But whatever it is, I just hope the fracas between these two men can be resolved amicably through diplomatic approach in order to attain a logical conclusion to this brewing political tension within their party.

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