MURIC Formally Kicks-Off Operations in Kogi

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– appoints Mallam Zakariya’u, Aliyu (SAN) as coordinator, Chair

By Mohammed Yabagi.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has formally kick-started its operations in Kogi State, with Alhaji Zakariya’u Abubakar as the coordinator and Alhaji Abdullahi Aliyu (SAN) as Chairman.

Speaking at the maiden General Meeting where the council also addeessed the press, Alhaji Zakariya’u said activities of MURIC in Kogi State shall centre on fighting for the rights of Muslims at any time it is violated, denied and refusal to enjoy same.

According to him, “It is aimed at promoting and supporting all efforts geared towards ensuring peace, harmony unity and peaceful coexistence. It is to react to contemporary issues as they affect the Muslims by expressing Islamic views through all communication outfits. It douses tension whenever there is a threat to our collective peaceful atmosphere.

Alhaji Zakariya’u equally expressed gratitude to stakeholders and Interim Executive Members of State MURIC for working tirelessly for the success of the body so far, and restated their dedication to ensure the objectives of the body in the state are achieved.

The coordinator noted that Islam furnishes most educative patterns and instances to those who want to discern between right and wrong and who are willing to accept its timely admonitions of the consequences of evil and falsehood. 

He added that the faith brings salvation to its adherents, ensure moral strength to its believers, brings perpetual peace and comfort to its faithful followers and considerable power of resistance against sins and vices.

“Islam is the brightest path and the clearest highway to salvation. Its illustrious principles excel in glory and nobleness; its ways are distinct, perfect and its brilliant precepts bring enlightenment to those who live in the darkest ignorance of truth. Confirmation of truth and justice are its ways, enlightenment of humanity is its main objective, to expect and to face death boldly and nobly remains one of its cardinal teachings,” he noted.

In his address, the Kogi State Chairman of MURIC, Alhaji Abdullahi Aliyu (SAN) expressed gratitude to the leadership for its resolve to ensure the body gets a sound footing in the state, noting their resolve to fight for cause of rights of people in the state.

Highlight of the occasion was a paper presentation by the Chief Registrar of Kogi State Shariah Court of Appeal, Justice Muhammad Bello, qur’anic recitation and prayers for the Ummah.

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