Mopa Welfare Society Congratulates Olawumi, Hails Peaceful Polls

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From us at Mopa Welfare Society, we are grateful first and foremost to almighty God for a very peaceful House of Assembly election in Mopamuro as this has been our utmost concern as a peace loving people.

The election has been concluded and a winner has emerged squarely and neat. Therefore, I join all well meaning Mopamuro people to congratulate the winner, Hon Olawumi Jacob.

As a peace and development loving association, The Mopa Welfare Society prays to God for the wisdom, patience, maturity and understanding needed for you to have a successful tenure.

If need be, consult those that have gone the same road ahead of you for nuggets that can help you to avoid landmines cheaply.

Also, reach out to your co contestants, you are competitors and not enemies, together we owe our people s duty of love and service in whatever capacity we can.

The love of the people has been bestowed on you, now that you have their mandate, it is your turn to show them love in return. The Lord be with you in Jesus name.

– Comrade Samuel Elere
National President, Mopa Welfare Society.

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