Mistreatment of Citizens by Government of Nigeria

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I find it intriguing that we’re not emulating the same policies and practices that our former colonial rulers, the British, have implemented in their own country. It’s puzzling to observe Nigeria adopting a divergent approach, seemingly disregarding the very principles that have contributed to the UK’s prosperity.

It’s disheartening to see that those who now hold power are the same individuals who benefited from the privileges of a bygone era, including free education, merit-based scholarships, and guaranteed employment. Yet, they seem to have forgotten their humble beginnings and are now perpetuating a system that denies the same opportunities to others.

Their callous disregard for the struggles of the common man is a stark reminder of the injustices that plague our society. It’s a vicious cycle where the privileged few continue to exploit and oppress, while the masses are left to suffer in silence.

We’re left to wonder if our fate is sealed, doomed to perpetually pray for a better life or rise up against the status quo. The latter seems unlikely, given the entrenched culture of subservience and the “jakpa syndrome” that has been ingrained in us.

The most galling aspect is that their offspring, who have been educated abroad, will return to assume positions of power, further entrenching the cycle of oppression. It’s a bleak future that awaits us, and I, for one, am exhausted by the sheer injustice of it all.

– Asuku Sufyan Onimisi, PhD
Lecturer II, Department of Business Education,
Federal College of Education, Okene, Kogi State 

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