Melaye: It’s 3pm! Recall Promoters Still Waiting for Miracle

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The verification of signatures submitted to Independent National Electoral Commision (INEC) by electorates from Kogi West senatorial district has, so far, failed to meet the expectations of the promoters.

The petitioners had submitted the signatures to INEC seeking to recall Senator Dino Melaye from the National Assembly. The electoral umpire fix Saturday, 28th April for the veriffication of the signatures of voters in the zone.

However, the turnout has been dismally low in all polling units visited in the course of exercise. Within Lokoja metropolis, you hardly see more than three voters turning up for the exercise.

At Muslim Community Secondary School polling unit in Lokoja, only three persons showed up. Two argued that their signatures were forged.

At the Lokoja Club polling unit 016 in Ward A of Lokoja LGA, only two out of the 875 petitioners that signed for the recall in that polling unit had turned out for verification as at 1pm.

In the same vein, at the Ukwo Okoriko Compound polling unit 003 in Kogi/Kotonkarfe LGA, only 18 petitioners out of the 440 petitioners that appended signatures for the had been verified as at 1.20pm.

At Ohagabi Polling Unit 003 in Kogi/Kotonkarfe LGA, only 43 out of 500 petitioners who appended signatures for the recall had turned out for the verification.

A check at Oworo Ward E Polling Unit 012 in Lokoja LGA, only 40 out of the 500 petitioners that signed the recall document had been verified.

At Felele Polling Unit 004 Ward 8 in Lokoja, none of the 815 petitioners that signed the recall document had turn out for the verification exercise.

It is yet to be seen how the recall verification exercise will sail through.

A promoter of the ‘recall project’ who craved anonymity told that they are still optimistic. He said they are currently banking on reports from rural areas to turn the table.

“The turnout is heart breaking but we are giving up, wait for the 11th hour miracle. We will shock pessimists,” he said.

INEC had announced that the exercise will end by 2pm on Saturday

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