Lokoja Inferno: Feasting On The Future

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Have you ever heard your child cry or groan for a pain he or she could not explain to you? Have you watched your child being injected and he or she wails to high heaven calling you, daddy!!!? No sane human won’t feel emotional.

Now play the horror of Lokoja in your mind, yes, particularly the school kids in that school bus… crying and groaning in the fire that finally got them killed.

Same spot, same trend of occurrence, same consequence. Yet no solution because the kids of Ministers and Permanent Secretaries have not been killed there. No solution because House of Assembly members and Commissioners have not been caught in the fire…

Well, that is what we have consistently suffered from the hands of elites. From Lagos to Onitsha and beyond, it is the commoners that bear the brunt of avoidable explosions and draconian policies.

I decided to spare you the pain of the Lokoja feast by not posting the pictures and video. But I appeal to relevant government agencies at federal and state levels to please save us from these horrors.

Haba! How do you explain to reasonable people that three explosions had occurred within a year on the same road claiming lives?

May the blood of these innocent children begin to trouble those that our looting our Commonwealth.. 

– Elere Samuel

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