Lokoja: Alibest Maiyaki Distributes 5000 Condoms to Mark His Birthday

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As part of efforts to prevent the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) infections and reverse the spread of the disease in the country, Comrade Alibest Maiyaki, a known Hiv/Aids advocate has encouraged youths in Lokoja to avoid engaging in risky behavior that exposes them to the deadly disease.

Alibest gave this message at the top of Mount Patti where his friends organized a solidarity match to mark his birthday.
He said: “The show of affection is enormous, and as youths we must use every opportunity we get to discuss healthy living and show love responsibly, and by so doing we can halt and reverse the spread of HIV in the country.
Alibest said: “Beyond the sweet words and the presentation of gifts, it is important that young people in particular are equipped with all the information they need about HIV/AIDS. We must learn to show love to those we care about in a safe and responsible manner. As i celebrate today, i am using this opportunity to once again  remind my friends that  safe sex is not just about protecting ourselves, but also protecting those we love.”

He added: “This is a special day for me. In the process of celebrating, i urge us to love carefully, play safe and be faithful to your partner. If you are young and not sexually active yet, abstaining from sex will keep you safe from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, otherwise protect yourself by using a condom at all times.

“Above all, you should know your HIV status. If you do happen to carry the virus, you can get treatment that will keep you healthy and stop you from spreading the virus to your loved one. So get a HIV test today and stay safe.
Comr. Alibest noted that condom plays an important role in the control of the spread of HIV/AIDS adding that he uses every opportunity he gets to distribute condom to young people as a way of encouraging safe sex and reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS.
He however observed that he is not preaching sex but trying to let people know that abstinence is the most effective way of preventing HIV/AIDS, but condom is the most realistic way to prevent HIV.
While stating that prevention is key, he said “I am being realistic in the face of rising sexual activities amongst young people.”

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