Opinion: Kogi East Elders Showing Okun Elders How to Lead

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I was about losing faith in Kogi elders until I read the no-nonsense press statement issued by the Dr. Ahmadu Ali-led Kogi East Elders Council yesterday where the revered elders aptly described Governor Yahaya Bello’s government as an unmitigated disaster. This in sharp contrast to the recent show of shame by Kabba elders who came to Lokoja on all fours to curry favours from the under-performing governor.

Kogi East elders won my heart with their exemplary press statement, spelling out details of abnormal actions by Kogi governor, which has attracted much opprobrium from within and outside the country. They showed matured concern on lingering issues in the state like insecurity, unpaid salaries and the gradual killing of Kogi State University. This is how to lead and guide the upcoming generations.

Our Kabba elder need to learn a lot from their Kogi East counterparts. They loaded themselves in danfo buses to Lugard House to beg Yahaya Bello, who ran away from Kabba Day celebration because of Senator Dino Melaye. They even lied that they told Dino not to attend Kabba Day when the whole world is aware that they formally invited Dino, raised funds for the event from him and were happy when he made a triumphant entry into the venue of the Kabba Day celebrations. Very soon as elections are approaching, they will start singing their old song of Okun unity. No sirs! What we lack in Okun land is not unity but courage! Our leaders are too timid and fearful.

Let’s learn from Kogi East elders and say things the way they are.

– Titi Balogun writes from Lokoja.

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