Letter of Appreciation to All Ogugu Sons and Daughters

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I, Comrade John Dickson Ojonugwa, the national president of Ogugu United Forum, a non governmental association established to foster unity among Ogugu children, wish to appreciate all sons and daughters for their unreserved support towards Ogugu unity.
I personally want to express my gratitude towards the selfless, dedication and commitment shown by our Patron, Matron and all members of this forum since the inception of the forum in 2011.
This became very necessary looking at the outstanding efforts and sacrifices made towards the expansion of the forum branches which Lokoja branch that will be inaugurated soon is as a result of and also the sustenance of UNITY in Ogugu land within this few years of the existence of this forum, one can only imagined what would have became of the forum without your individual support.
It is indeed an overwhelming thing that God has blessed Ogugu land with the caliber of great personality like you.
Just like our people used to say; ‘Ómakpaka, Chojoji Wnu Óma Gama’. I am convinced that since we can sacrifice a lot from the little God has blessed us with, for the UNITY of our fatherland, sky will be our starting point when God take us to where he has destined us all to be as Ogugu children.
May God All mighty in his abundance ways continue to bless us all beyond our individual expectations in Jesus Name. Amen.
I can’t thank you all enough for your immeasurable support and encouragement.
You are the reason for every progressive records of this forum since I became the Pioneer National President of the forum.
Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
Yours sincerely,
John Dickson Ojonugwa,
National President,
Ogugu United Forum.

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