Let’s Shun Tribal Politics

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Walking down memory lane, Kogites, especially Igala people, are peace loving people who often aspires to maintain the sanctity of brotherhood and good neigbourliness, except for the inter-tribal feud and battle for supremacy as occasioned by the Misunderstanding between Igala and other tribes.

For what I understand, Kogi state would have developed far beyond this pitiable level it is today, if not for the failure of leadership in the past which has astronomically contributed to our problems, right from the inception of time.

Time has come when we should bury our differences, and unite to fight for a good course; bringing unity to our institution and the state at large to pursue a common goal of making our state the most inhabitable for both domestic and international investors.

Let us stop delving into matters regarding tribe and ethnicity as that could undermine development. We should uphold peace and harmony regardless of our tribal differences and other affiliations and guard against political hatred that could undermine developmental plans, efforts and the government blueprints.

Let us exhibit patriotism by discarding practices, which would divide us on clan backgrounds and work together for the sake of peace and development of Kogi state.

“Say no to what will separate you because of politics. Let us stay in harmony as people of one state with a common agenda of molding a prosperous peaceful Kogi state.

“We cannot build a united  and developed kogi state of our dream, if we engage in politics driven by ethnicity and tribalism.

Credit: Godwin J. Bakwo.

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