Launching Security Outfit In Kogi State: Inspector General Of Police Thank You, But…!

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Immediately after the historic stoning of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state after the Jumat service in Lokoja, some two weeks ago, he has left no one in doubt as to whether or not, he would make sure such attack does not happen again.

First, his team had immediately gone into impossible image laundering such that led them to making confusing and contradicting statements. At one time, “Gov. Yahaya Bello was never stoned”, even in Ankpa, and at another time, “he was stoned at the Jumat Mosque in Lokoja by hoodlums. They had been arrested”. It appears Kingsley Fanwo was confused or so to say.

Secondly, he has reinforced the state security services both around himself and across the state. It is left to be seen whether the purchases of vehicles for Police, Army, Civil Defence, Navy etc. is to motivate them for genuine state policing (as they had been doing) or to goad them to hunt for and deal with perceived enemies of Governor Yahaya Bello – as in the cases of the overnight attack of Hon Olumoko`s house at Ekinrin Adde by the Police and the purported arrest of the first son of late Prince Abubakar Audu – Mr. Mohammed Audu for such a humiliating crime of Armed Robbery. It must be noted that, Mohammed Audu is being proposed to pair with Hon James Abiodun Faleke in their struggle to validate Audu/Faleke electoral victory at November 21, 2015 Governorship election in Kogi State.

Our appeal is therefore to the newly confirmed Inspector General of Police to please make sure that the “Operation Total Freedom” outfits in Kogi State serve the purpose for which it is intended. It should not be used to terrorize the already impoverished workers- who have been denied their legitimate salaries for months, or the weak, sickly and old pensioners- who had been refused their meager pensions – some for upward o f ten (10) months and some for nine (9) months or eight (8) months running.

It should neither be used to oppress or suppress political opponents, especially, the supporters of Hon James Abiodun Faleke and His Excellency Idris Wada – both challenging his installation as Governor at the Supreme Court.

The SECURITY OUTFIT should be for effective Policing in Kogi State against Criminals and not to militarize the state to dehumanize, terrorize or suppress freedom of innocent citizens.

By Tant’Olorun Esan

Lokongoma Junction, Lokoja

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