Late Prince Audu’s Son, Mustapha Humiliated by Security Operatives in Kogi

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By Tijani Adamu Adoze, Lokoja.

Yesterday, Friday, 22/02/2019 the predictions of possible intimidation of perceived political opponents came to reality when mean and fierce  looking security  men all clad in black numbering about  30 to 35 heavily armed securities personnel pull over Prince Mustapha Mona Audu’s vehicle and his immediate entourage.

The son of the late former Governor of Kogi, Prince Abubakar Audu and one of the leading contenders in the November gubernatorial elections in Kogi  was  heading to Ogbonicha his country home from Abuja  ahead of the Saturday elections.

He convoy was stopped and  searched albeit carelessly and violently without a warrant. The height of this evil plot to weaken his morale was when his police orderly  was arrested and driven to an unknown location.

Recall that Prince Mustapha Mona Audu in January this year threw his hat in the ring to contest the forthcoming november gubernatorial elections in Kogi. He has been enjoying massive supports in the grass-roots and from of course his late father’s political structure who have shown him great solidarity in his mission to revive, revamp and resuscitate Kogi from total wreck and ruin. He has become more popular among the youths more than any contender.

When he asked if he is under arrest, they simply told him they were performing their duties. As a sheer stroke of luck, one of the men out of love for his late father, Prince Abubakar Audu, called him aside and whispered to him. “your  life is in danger, you can’t go further without your security, you will be vulnerable”.  Prince Mustapha Audu appreciated his kind gesture and heeded his sound note of advice and warning of imminent danger, and returned to Abuja. He is among the 100- man list of politicians to be harassed, molested and even possibly killed.

They are seen as enemies of the state who have  large following that will influence the outcome of the Saturday elections. Prince Mustapha remain undaunted and unbroken in the face of this tyranny and intimidation.

Same yesterday, Friday, Mr. Austin Okai, a social activist and a staunch stalwart of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was abducted and whisked away by heavily armed men who claim to be police task force but  obviously playing the script of their pay masters in Lugard house.

Recall that Austin Okai has been very critical of the tyrannical and wicked regime of governor Yahaya Bello over non-payment of salaries and arbitrary sacking of civil servants.

Prince Mustapha Mona Audu has since returned to Abuja to negotiate the release of his orderly and meet  with his team for the next line of action. He has advised his supporters to remain calm and law abiding, as this ugly phase of our political experience in kogi will soon  come to an end.

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