#KogiGovRace: Power Shift or Power Retains? by Adabara Abduljelil

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“Our object in the construction of the state is the greatest happiness of the whole and not that of one class” – Plato


“All well governed states and wise princes have taken care not to reduce the nobility to despair, or the people to discontent” – Niccolo Machievelli


Leaders are elected and democratically mandated to wield power in the interest of people. The power so vested, is expected to be executed on the lucent plinth of constitutionality, fair play, justice and equity.


Indeed, the essayist, statesman and philosopher Thomas Jefferson said in his historic Maryland speech in 1809 that, “the care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the only legitimate object of good government”. But the inability of our leaders past and present to practice the Aristotelian concept of the pursuit of the greatest good for the largest number, altruistic commitment, failure to see the State and Local Government Area as one constituency under their leadership etc has given rise to what sociologist call structural distrust, mistrust and fears. The people now believe that the only way development can come to their areas is only when their kinsmen, townsman and tribal cohorts are in power.


This has given rise to the clamor in most states etc for power shift, which is seen by some political analysts as one of the taboos to pure and modern democracy. Today, in Kogi state the power shift Syndrome has attained an unthinkable political crescendo, so much that, it is already setting the stage for a great political varied mixture in 2015.


The Ebiras and Okuns are already strategizing by their youths and recently join by the leaders after both APC and PDP pick their governorship candidate from the East. Kogi state is a melting pot. It is a mini Nigeria with 25 Local Government Areas and over 8 ethnic groups. Kogi gained the long sought-independent status in August 1991, as Kogi state. The Igala ethnic group in terms of demographic data constitutes about 39.4% of the state. Central constitutes 36.2% and the West constitutes 25.4%.


Indeed, the East-Igala extraction enjoy mere numerical over other ethnic groups in the state and they have had three democratically elected governors ever since the creation of the state- Audu Abubakar, Ibrahim Idris and Ichalla Wada and they are now clamouring for another Igala Governor in 2015 again.


The question arises, for how long will the Igala ethnic group continue to hold on to the Governorship position in Kogi state? Is the Governorship position the exclusive preserve and birth right of the Igala people? Will other ethnic groups, exclusive of the Ebiras and Okuns continue to be political underdogs in Kogi state because the Igalas are in mere majority? Will there be peace, progress and tranquility under such a system. The answer, without slips of speech or writing is a resounding and outright capital No.


Who will be the Governor of Kogi state 2016?


POWER SHIFT OR POWER RETAINS?: The proclivity and nature of man is so extremely unpleasant when it comes to power and money, that no amount is sufficient for him. We will not all be calling for power shift if we had leaders who are credible, patriotic and altruistic.


It’s clear that the Kogi East will divide their vote between Prince Abubakar Audu and Mr. Ichalla Wada in the forthcoming governorship election. The Coalition of Okun and Ebira Youths have vowed to support Alh. Yahaya Bello (Fair Plus) of SDP to realize the dream and aspiration of entire Kogites. Since he has genuine interest to govern the state with the hope to right the wrong, reduce the level of poverty in the state and offer good governance.


We are not for the party but good governance and offer equity and social justice. Prince Abubakar Audu and Mr. Ichalla Wada leadership have been tasted and we certified, knowing well with the type of governance both can offer. Both are not worthy enough to govern the state again.


In Nigeria politics, we have seen Governor Mimiko and Al-Makura of Ondo and Nassarawa state respectively decamp from PDP after both lost out in the primary election while Mimiko pick Labour Party and Al-Makura pick his ticket under CPC to win gubernatorial election in their respective state, because masses prefer their candidature.


We believed Fair Plus has that electoral acceptance across the state. Fair-Plus will lead SDP to victory because Senator Ohiare, Senator Ohize, Senator Deen and Gamji cannot prevent his victory at the poll and our PVC/Card Reader will give him outright victory.


Vote for the future now The change we need.


The voice we deserve.


The new game in town New vision.


New Direction Managing the future For the future It’s time for progress Expect more A fresh face, a fresh start Our Future is Green


– Comrade Adabara Abduljelil is an Advocate of Peace & Justice and Secretary General, Ebira Youths Peace/Educational Development Initiative, Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria.

Contact on 08036415151 or 08015157303

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