#KogiGovRace: PDP Needs a Non-Igala Candidate to Retain Seat – Abel Julius

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I once wrote and hinted the only institutionalised political party in Nigeria, PDP over the need to ‘Kick Out Wada; Salvage Kogi PDP’. In that piece I made reference from the immediate past general election, how PDP lost and it’s antecedents. I also pointed out how the Kogi State socio-political system is related to Nigeria at large and how what evolved in the general election is achievable in Kogi State if decisions are not taking sagaciously.

With the leaks reaching us, Jibrin Isah Echocho and Smart Adeyemi will possibly be the party’s candidate. PDP will proudly loose if this emerged. The clamour for power shift as a factor against Echocho’s LG of origin and the corruption that beclouds Smart Adeyemi as Senator Kogi West

There are areas that are very sensitive when discussing the factors that dominates and influence the Kogi State socio-politicals and there is need for cautions, diplomacy and objectivity when on this page so as to not aggravate people concerned. However it is pitiable and factful to note that no matter the level of diplomacy and caution, toes will be stepped on so as to pass the message.

These factors are what is achievable in Nigeria: Tribes, Ethnic, and Religious differences.

From signals reaching me from the PDP NWC; the party is heading for doom, instead of see her (PDP) taking recovering steps by ensuring taking/retaining Kogi and Bayelsa seats. Instead ironically the party seems comfortable and not ready to learn from her mistakes.

Kogi State Politics.

Let it be clear to the PDP that there is clamour for power shift and only if PDP can build on this is only when she could retain the Lugard House considering that her incumbent Governor has not done well enough to earn the people’s vote for a second term.

In other words, for the PDP to retain the Lugard house, she must play diversity in the Kogi State politics.

Present a non-Igala/KogiEast candidate, and running mate (deputy)

If eventually and unfortunately the PDP presents an Igala/KogiEast candidate and APC produces same as APC is more likely to. APC will defeat PDP woefully and if the vice later is the case APC wins.

– Abel Julius.

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