#KogiGovRace: Igala Political Leaders Have Made Us Laughing Stock in The State – Ojonugwa Adamu

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The political class in Kogi East have made Igalas a laughing stock in the state by their acts of greed and imposition of politicians without integrity as governors.

Igalas are good, caring, God-fearing people with highly intelligent professionals in all fields of endeavour. The only Kogi indigene that have come close to becoming a Nobel Laurette, Professor Gabriel Oyibo, is an Igala man. The main effort towards getting a cure for the dreaded HIV/AIDS in Nigeria was done by an Igala man, Dr Abalaka.

Igala land is not short of men of proven integrity. Even among politicians, we have Mohammed Yakubu, James Ocholi and a host of others who have been tried in different professional fields and have proven their integrity beyound doubts.

Why can’t our political leaders rally round our best materials to become governor in Kogi state? Why do they keep celebrating rogues and outright fools? Because of money? Greed of our political elites is killing our dear land and eroding the cherished societal values in Igalaland.

If good Igala men and women fail to rise and check this ugly trend, the disease will soon infect the younger generation.

Today, the world judge igalas by acts of Audu, Ibro, Echocho and Wada. This is grossly unjust! We are good people with good traits. Meet Igalas outside politics and you will love to be Igala.

We are approaching another election in Kogi state and as usual Igalas are in the fore-front as aspirants in all political parties but the question is, Will Our Political Leaders Allow A Good Igala Emerge as Candidates in Their Respective Parties? The good Igalas are not money-bags because of their cherished integrity. Will crooks and idiots with bags of cash emerge as party candidates again? Let’s put our house in order and stop being the laughing stock in the nation.

– Ojonugwa Adamu

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