#KogiDecides: What Happened To ‘Party Supremacy’? by Hussain Obaro

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It is on record that Hon. James Abiodun Faleke, together with his fellow House members and Senators loyal to the APC leader, Bola Tinubu actively participated to push for the ‘party supremacy’ wish of their political godfather in the heat of the National Assembly leadership tussle. So, why is it now difficult for Tinubu to call his political son to order and make him uphold and abide by APC’s decision in line with his ‘Party Supremacy’ principle?

Is it that party supremacy is best when it favors certain individuals but wrong when it doesn’t?

What logical explanation can be given that the same people chanting party supremacy!!!

During the National Assembly leadership crises are now the ones supporting Hon. Faleke to disagree and disregard the decision of the party?

The criticism, condemnation, harassment, persecution, insults and assaults meted to the senate president, Bukola Saraki and the Speaker of House of Representative, Yakubu Dogara, together with their supporters as a result of the fact that they ‘defied’ their party, the APC by going ahead to contest for leadership positions of the respective hallowed chambers against the wish of “the party” is still fresh in our memory.

Even after the two gentlemen emerged leaders of the legislative institution their persecution and media attack have continued on the sponsor of some powerful members of the APC who were pained and felt insulted by what they termed party indiscipline on the path of the duo and their failure recognize the party’s decision as supreme.

The past few days has witnessed our nascent democracy being put to test once again, as a result of the lock jam and constitutional crisis created by the death of the APC gubernatorial candidate in an ongoing inclusive election in Kogi State. The APC had a couple of days ago announced and submitted a replacement for their late candidate to conclude the election in line with the guideline of INEC. it is however disturbing and worrisome that the running mate to the late APC candidate Hon. James Faleke didn’t only vehemently refused to recognize the candidacy of Alhaji Yahaya Bello as replacement for late prince Abubakar Audu in line with the APC’s decision, the Lagos based politician who is a serving House of representative member has gone the extra mile to threaten and institute a court action against his party, the APC and INEC. Hon. Faleke, backed by the same set of powerful APC members who condemned and are currently persecuting Bukola Saraki and others for disregarding the orders of the party has since declared himself as the APC’s gubernatorial candidate for the December 5th supplementary election and has chosen a son of late Prince Audu, Muhammed Audu as his running mate in total defiance to the position of the leadership of APC.

Nigerians are wondering if the much touted and talked about ‘party supremacy’ on which basis Saraki, Dogara and their supporters were and currently being “bombarded” with insults, uncomplimentary remarks and labeled as “black sheep” isn’t only a ploy to champion the course and satisfy the domineering appetite and ego of certain powerful individuals in the party. What goes around surely comes around, it is time for the APC to purge itself of these political desperados whose major interest is not for the overall good of Nigeria and the APC, but for domination and expansion of their “political empire”

Saraki and Dogara were despised and “black listed” by the APC and gullible Nigerians who were deceived by fraudulent ‘party supremacy’ slogan, just because such favored them. Now that the tide is against them they are trying to “kill” the same principles they claimed to stand for. Why was the decision of the APC supposed to be ‘supreme’ in the National Assembly palaver but same was to be jettisoned and relegated to the background this time around in the kogi state conundrum. It is now clear to Nigerians that the same individuals who manipulated the party to enforce their selfish wish on Saraki and Dogara has failed this time to prevail on the party to do their bidding in the Kogi State lock jam. Hence, their defiance.

– Hussain Obaro,

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