Kogi West Senate Race; Youth Council Endorse Omoluabi Adeyemi

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National Youths Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Kabba/Bunu chapter under the leadership of Comrade Olowosegun Raymond Ayomide has passed a vote of confidence on the candidature of Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi, the leading senatorial contestant and Candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC) for Kogi West senatorial seat.

The National Youths Council of Nigeria is the umbrella body of all youth organizations in Nigeria and established by act of parliament.

Briefing newsmen in Kabba, the leader of the council stated that the endorsement is coming after due consultation with our elders and fellow youths who has expressed their confidence in the personality of Bode Adeyemi as a leader par excellence, whose track records of community development is still speaking for him.

According to the youth leader; “Bode Adeyemi attended all the council programmes. in fact he cancelled two personal appointments that can be of a great benefits to him just to attend the annual youths day program. This is a clear indication that he loves and cares for the youths.

“Bode Adeyemi after the programme supported the council with some cash.

“Bode Adeyemi is the youngest among all the candidates jostling for Kogi West senatorial seat and he is resourceful. It could be recalled that the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has signed #NotTooYoungToRun Bill to give the youths the opportunity to be fully engaged in any elective positions.

“This is a golden privilege for us to elect a young and vibrant comrade like Bode Adeyemi to represent our interest in the Red Chamber for qualitative representation.

“We also reckon that Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi is the only senatorial candidate from Kabba Bunu local government.

“Bode Adeyemi has maintained a good cordial relationship with the council and the youths of Kabba Bunu. He has been a source of inspiration to the council and the youths at large. Bode Adeyemi has shown himself worthy of our support.

“Also, we weighed in on the fact that Bode Adeyemi is a pragmatic comrade to the core. He has always promised to support the youths programme. Bode Adeyemi is very energetic and strong. He served the NAOS National as the first president and he served tirelessly and wholeheartedly and using these parameters he will understand where the shoe pinches the youths.

“In lieu of the above, we the National Youths Council of Nigeria, Kabba Bunu chapter unanimously endorse Bode Adeyemi for Kogi West senatorial seat,” he said.

Furthermore, the leader of the council emphasized on the need for the youths from Kabba Bunu to unite and rally round Bode Adeyemi as he remains a candidate to beat in the forthcoming general election. 

He assured them that Bode Adeyemi will not disappoint them all as he has been tested and trusted in the time past.

In his closing remark, he implored Kabba Bunu sons and daughters to come together to support and vote for Bode Adeyemi for Kogi West senatorial seat on Saturday.

The leader of the council said he anticipate and urge all Kabba Bunu sons and daughters to exercise their franchise devoid of violence and come out in masses to vote.

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