Kogi: We Are Still in Economic Recession Because Nigerians Deserted Prayers – Cleric

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By Olatunde Odimayo.

Pastor Sumaila Olukunle of the Apostolic Church FFN, Ajaokuta, Kogi State has blamed Nigerians for the present economic hardship in the country insisting that they have relented in praying to God for his grace to rescue Nigeria from economic crisis.

Pastor Olukunle stated this during his Sunday sermon in Ajaokuta which he titled “the key to breaking through recession”.

The clergy who picked his text from the book of 1 John 5:14-15 and  Luke 11: 19 respectively explained that, prayers remains the only way out if Nigeria must get out of this trying period.

“Hannah cried a wordless prayer of deep groaning—and God answered it. (1 Sam 1:12-16, Rom 8:26-27)) Nehemiah shot up a prayer whilst he was going about his daily occupation. (Neh 2:1-5) These seemingly simple prayers, carried from the heart, changed nations.

“Many Nigerians finds it difficult to commit the present situation to God.  They believe that, things will turn around over night which is impossible.

“This  is a critical period, and it is expedient to ask in a period like this. It is so surprising that, some people will leave their various homes, without putting Nigeria situation before God who can transform their story to glory.

“Just like what the holy scripture says,  when you asked through prayers,  definitely you shall receive abundantly from him,  and what we are calling recession now will transform to progression if we believe”.

He added that another way forward in which the country could get out of recession is to give to God noting that “God will never ask Nigerians to give what they don’t have.”

Pastor Olukunle also admonished Nigerians to develop the habit of giving, just as he stressed the need to pray for the peace, and unity  of this nation in this trying period.

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